[Military - Vaetfang] Marauders

If you are interested in joining, please follow through to the Vaetfang Army post to find our discord and more information.

High Marauder Wolf

The Vaetfang Army

8/17/2019 9:56:59 PM #1

Our finest infantry, clad in steel and thirsty for blood. Wolf is an excellent leader capable of delivering decisive tactical orders and inspiring his soldiers. I am proud to have him and the Marauders in our military.

8/17/2019 10:08:58 PM #2

Strength & Honor! we are thirsty for blood and hungry for kills...](

8/18/2019 12:30:07 AM #3

omightis and wolf are the finest individuals i know

8/18/2019 12:56:35 AM #4

Looking forward to see them in action!

8/18/2019 4:46:34 PM #5

Join us if you want action. More action than your wife, better action than your mistress. We’ll normally be outnumbered so you best believe you’ll get a chance for 2 on 1 ;) Join us today and the gods will smile upon you!!

8/19/2019 1:03:00 AM #6

Strength and Honor!

8/20/2019 5:00:25 PM #7

Well said Wolf! I look forward to serving with you and the rest of the Marauders on the field of battle!

-Valdir Martel Ravenlocke

Proud Unit Overseer of the Marauders of the Vaetfang of the Virtori!

Above all else, serve with honor and strength.

Valdir Martel Ravenlocke

8/21/2019 12:49:13 AM #8

RIP anyone who meets the Marauders in battle.