[Military - Vaetfang] The Guardians


If you are interested in joining, please follow through to the Vaetfang Army post to find our discord and more information.

High Guardian Broys

The Vaetfang Army:

8/18/2019 5:59:53 PM #1

The Honor Guard of the Vaetfang, the loyal, dedicated and elite. Stand as stone and unleash hell upon our enemies.

8/19/2019 1:04:21 AM #2

Strength and Honor!

8/19/2019 1:13:48 AM #3

Guardians will make good protectors of the higher echelon chain of command.

8/19/2019 10:24:32 PM #4

Guardians! only the Elite can call their selves Guardians! we Shake mountains and break steel! Enemies shiver in our wake. Stone is our Backbone, Unbreakable, Unrelenting, Mountains shake but we do NOT! Only the Strong, Only the Few! Fear men of Elyria, for the day you walk a path a Guardian has taken, fear oh men!

Strength & Honor](

8/24/2019 9:50:08 PM #5

We are the Secret Service / Special Forces for the Vaetfang. Only the Few are chosen!