[EU - Terenia] - House Baiulivus

Ubi bene ibi patria: Where it is well, there is home


In the early days House Baiulivus was a family of explorers venturing far and wide through many kingdoms, realms and landscapes looking for a place to settle and it was on the last of their big adventures that they came to find the Lyanthea in the Duchy of Terenia led by the House Liacan to whom they pledged allegiance and decided to settle down and humbly serve Duke Demiqas Liacan .

House Baiulivus have now been a loyal and subservient family to House Liacan for millennia and from the early days have proved to be honorable and dependable always bending to the will of our Duke Demiqas, we have served in many roles primarily as bailiffs, sheriffs and keepers of the keys ensuring that the keep and the residents of the castle are safe but in more recent history the house has changed.

The Baiulivus house has diversified into breeding horses and it has been this noble profession that has led us to establish our own settlement, Palfreferme, which started as a single farm with stables and a few horses but grew over time to become a hamlet and then a village. The Baiulivus house has always welcomed new settlers into the village and is always keen to help others in a time of need for it is through the assisting of others that the hamlet has grown to become a village.

The village of Palfreferme has primarily always focused on living off the land and most professions are oriented this way and as such we are mostly farmers, animal keepers and trainers thus providing all that is needed for our people and our main reason for being, the horses.

We are always looking for more honorable people to join our settlement who can help us in maintaining a peaceful environment for our horses and an ever growing livelihood for our villagers.