D&SS added estimated pop/parcel display bug

I've found what looks to be a display bug for the survey information window when looking at a specific settlement.

When looking at the settlement of "The Seaside Town of Blackivory", located in the County of Forestbaker, Duchy of Umberhorn, Kingdom of Aequitas. The town isn't taking any of the added parcels or population into account, from my account and titles.

Where as, this should be displaying a (+25) next to the estimated parcel size and (+126) next to the estimated population size, instead there is only a (+1) next to the estimated population.

When I go to the next county over, (the County of Bridgesea) to The Seaside Town of Portteller Run it displays as it should.

8/22/2019 3:01:03 AM #1

Confirmed. ;) The reason it is showing this way is the population is capped to what it is currently plus tokens (likely).

Any additional added population would need 4 x (four times) county parcels to support it.

In order to add your +125 the county would need to have 932 parcels total in the county, e.g. 108 + 125 = 233; the desired population requires 233 x 4 parcels.

It's an exceedingly small county with just 238 parcels =P

It does show additional pops for tokens though - likely regardless of the number a Count may have.

(( very sweet county location btw ))

Which if I think about lol; the cap was only intended to cap the parcels for the settlement, but seems to be capping pop too. Needs a confirm or look. Cheers!


8/22/2019 3:06:37 AM #2

Not even here for the actual post but to say - HOLY SHIT that's an amazing looking settlement! Super cool placement!

Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

8/22/2019 5:26:19 AM #3

I don't believe it's just to do with the parcel and population being capped out.

A friend with 2x Mayor titles, does show a higher amount in the brackets. If it was just a case of capping out amount of parcels - which probably has some amount to do with it, then my parcels and population would be capped at the same amount.

There's still certainly something afoot!

(And yes the location is pretty cool. Whoever lands there has an interesting spot.)

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