A new Markovian shipment arrives unscathed!

Traveling inquiry interrupted

"A group of armed menn knock on the door of the Sages of Issaquah’s retreat."

"Hum err, Sorry to trouble you your wiseness, humm, highness ? sorry, we do not know how to properly address you my lord (lady dependy who opens the door….)."

"We come to you for a sad and strange matter, as you know, there was a violent storm that hit the area a couple of days ago. You see, the thing was so strong and hard that it started a landslide on this road, a few miles down. The villagers in the valley asked us to check if everything was alright and unfortunately it was not."

"Where the landslide happened we discovered that an unlucky traveler was caught and washed down the road to an unpleasant death. Among the wreckage of its vardo wagon we were unable to discover or salvage much. The rain, mud and rocks had shattered, destroyed or taken away most of the things; we were only able to recover some pieces of parchment and of a journal."

"In those we were able to decipher that he, who ever that poor soul was, had been traveling around the continent gathering gifts; we also were able to understand that the parchment was a recommendation letter written by the Count of Markovia asking you to welcome the carrier, we suspect, the mann who died, and to help him validate its work as he was a cartographer and you are the most knowledgeable experts on the subject."

"With this little information, we buried the mann, burnt its dead beast of burden and tossed the crushed wagon away, then, we decided to come to you with what little was salvageable from the wagon, those two boxes and those labeled bags."

"We hope you’ll be able to find out more about all this, we will leave those things with you and be on our way, we must go back to the lord of the domain and ask him to send people to repair the road."

"With a last salute, the menn turn around and leave the retreat."

The County of Markovia loves sending gifts of appreciation and affection to the studio. The last shipment wasn't very lucky as it was jostled enough in transit to break some of the contents. This new one comes bearing the above RP story, huzzah!

But I am happy to report that a brand new shipment of tasty, powerful, and aromatic treasures arrived from the Markovian coast just yesterday and 100% of the items survived the journey!

Rejoice as we share with you the plunder we were provided by the most generous Count Markof and the host of Markovia.

This is about all that was left of the sturdy wooden box (mini-crate) that contained the most fragile of the items. Apparently adding some grass to the shipment made all the difference!

Inside this box but more so the 2nd package that arrived was a smell that overtook the entire studio! It was super aromatic and the variety was astonishing.

You all really outdid yourselves on the quantity and variety afforded us. And to add to that, unique and very creative Elyrian recipes or descriptions were added to tags attached to every single item that arrived!

The tea lovers in the studio thank you from the bottom of their teacup. But wait, there's more!

Add to that, this beautiful chest of premium French caramels was included. They were so fresh and superb, gently touching them revealed their softness.

Of course, no shipment from Markovia would be complete without the requisite local liquor favorites:

Last, but certainly never least, the saltiness of the recent season was on full display with these wonderful premium salts:

And this small box of actual rock salts, complete with a grinder - affectionately referred to as "Kypiq salt":

What more can we say about this incredible treasure trove of goodness.

Thank you Count Markof and the citizens of Markovia for this very lovely gift!!

-Soulbound Studios team

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8/24/2019 7:00:23 PM #1

The future is best!

Also thank you very much. My wife is from Poissy, so I gave her a piece of candy and scored points. All this stuff is great! Thank you!

The voice of Orlando's FrontEnd

8/24/2019 9:21:30 PM #2

That looks amazing!!

8/25/2019 9:33:34 AM #3

Dear sages of Issaquah,

Thank you very much for forwarding us info on the whereabouts of Marc. Alas the news are tragic and its lost will be felt deeply.

Marc Opolo was a markovian court cartographer, he undertook the task to travel our continent a little more than 4 years ago and was about to go home. The last we heard of him was from the fishing village of New Rest on the south eastern coast of Arkadia. There he sent us part of his work, a series of maps and told us he was heading your way to get his work validated. He also told us that along its trip he gathered some presents for you and we are relived and happy that they ,at least, were able to find you mostly intact.

Marc was a very meticulous mann and he labeled every piece with the name and some indications on where it bought it, so you probably can trace back each of its step on the continent by reading those labels. due to the length of his mission he had to go for non perishable goods that's why he took herbal teas ( the larger cloth bags) and herbalist preparations (the smaller cloth bags), as you know us he had to get a few bottle of spirit, he could not resist buying the trollmouth salamander spirit or the talonreed brew; he was surprised as how salt was such a thing early on its adventure so he felt compelled to get some, be it the pink rock salt from the Hrothi mountains, or the blue rock salt from the Waerd messas; he actually discovered that each tribe has its own kind of salt. And it seems that he brought you some sweets too that he must have picked somewhere between that arkadian fishing village and your retreat.

We will now review his work in the upcoming weeks, to make sure all names and borders are right.

Thank you again for letting us know what happened to him and for your continued amazing work.

Niklas Markof; Count of Markovia

8/26/2019 5:42:10 PM #4

I was amazed at the quantity, quality, and personalization of this shipment; hats off to Marc, and condolences for the County of Markovia's loss.

I paired the caramels with the some of the salts and it was phenomenal! Much appreciated.

8/26/2019 5:57:48 PM #5

Posted By Orlando at 3:00 PM - Sat Aug 24 2019

The future is best!

8/26/2019 6:35:58 PM #6

So a bunch of us loves the French caramels, which we taste test and pair it with difference's was AAMAZINGLY DELICIOUS AND I COULDN"T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! thanks again!

8/26/2019 6:37:00 PM #7

they send the good stuff reee

8/27/2019 3:47:19 PM #8

I see you guys got a-salted.