Fortuna, Ashalia, Dauntless County

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Dauntless County is a 3x county in the duchy of Ashalia in the kingdom of Fortuna.

"Dauntless" To be fearless.

Our county is naval/trade focused county that aims to build ships and have a fishing fleet, and a trading fleet.

Free parcel of land for farmers willing to grow a specific crop.

need more info? come join us on discord! Dauntless County Discord

9/15/2019 2:25:43 AM #1

As a mayor inside of Dauntless county, If you want more information send Cabbal or Devil a message inside of the county discord. We will see you there so we can talk about how we can grow and become the best that we can be all while we are having fun while doing it

2/1/2020 5:40:36 AM #2