(show Us Your Domain)county of Knight fair Township of Arcshire

Server OCE, Tylsia duchy Falrenstal kNIGHT FAIR Town of Blackbarn Brook Travellers Journal Day 83 feeling weary from our long sea travel, the feeling of home creeps closer in my mind. The sailors say we still have at least 2 weeks before we'll see the coastline, But I can't help but think how the festival preparations are going, especially knowing I'm not there organize things. One of the sailors asked me what it's like in Blackbarn Brook? He'd never been to a Kypiq settlement in his life, an always thought our kind as children folk. So I told him to image the greatest trees he ever saw, spanning as wide as his taverns back home, and as tall as cliff faces,

in fact, so tall light barely reaches the forest floor. Mind you I'm sure his jaw will drop once he sees the might of the Kypiq Engineering feet. At that stage he was I could see his imagination running as he asked me to detail my home. I said to picture a cozy wood hut suspended high in the treetops with the freshest air you could possibly breathe whilst waking up to small bird taking a water bath outside your window on a leaf. Our town is virtually untouched by natural, with a river flowing all the way up to the capital city.

Anyway hear me babble on, were not too far away from Blackbarn Brook(Arcshire pending name) you'll see it then