Duchy of Luxspring

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Welcome to Luxspring.

Welcome to the land of legends; the place where boys become men, and men earn their renown. Luxspring's main focus has been revamped from a balancing act to more narrow ideal of being hyper militaristic. Where, yes, a duchy needs to be able to do a little of everything, we want to incorporate a spartan societal structure. This means we are looking at setting up multiple military academies across the duchy to send our young to. The academies will focus mainly on defensive fighting and using the environment of a town, hamlet, etcetera to your advantage. The goal of these institutions is to be able to call to arms anyone who's in the duchy if it comes to a time of war. No land left shall be unprotected or prone to attack without fierce retaliation.

For our people looking to extend their services past that of defending their home, we have many different ways in which to expand your repertoire: from war games with our neighbors, to encouraging arena fighting as a way to expand your skills. Having a border chapter of our military will also be a big part of our location, seeing as three-quarters of our border is shared with a neighboring kingdom. We'd like to look at trying to keep the peace, yet still be prepared for an instance of war, should one ever break out. On the note of continued service, we also encourage our soldiers to have a proficiency outside of combat to help boost our economy, and help the continuance of our duchy and kingdom. Imgur The soldiers who can prove their grit expert prowess in open combat, we believe, should be praised and rewarded in the highest form we can give them. This may be in the form of wealth, fame, or even land as they prove themselves through skill and deed. We look to grow a meritocratic, spartan-like society within these borders; one that doesn't shun our neighbors, but comes to their defense and aid instead. We desire to look at ourselves as a shield from the storm and a bastion of sorts for our kingdom.

Here within Luxspring we respect three things above all: Valor, Loyalty, and Merit. We have many ways for you to excel here as a citizen within our border, starting with our very own Cruinneachan. This is our proving grounds and basis of many things in our society, using our arenas not only as a place to show true merit and grit but also as a place to solve civil disputes as well as a place to rebuild lost reputation. We recognize prowess in combat as a valuable skill in our kingdom, and encourage all to work on it one form or another.

Any and all may come forward and pick up a sword, a hammer, or try their hand at governance in our society. As long as you show loyalty and cooperation, you will be accepted and indoctrinated within our borders. We don't have the time as a bastion to the kingdom to question loyalties or play the backroom-knife-in-the-dark game. You either come to be a part of a greater vision, and strive to succeed as a group, or get out; for we are all Aranolts, we don't go by any other name, for our hearts beat in time to the kingdom's thriving.

As always, we welcome visitors, soldiers, and all other walks of life to Luxspring, and we hope you enjoy the Fuckdome of Elyria


The Hearth

The Hearth is the heartbeat of Luxspring being our main military force for the whole duchy their job is the protection, prosperity, and physical growth of the duchy. Establishing three main academies in key locations, the goal of these academies is to send the "youth" to train in defensive combat revolving around the protection of their homes and livelihoods. Post that people are encouraged to form militias in their home towns, as well as encouraged to continue their service to the duchy. Past that though we also intend multiple "chapters" of the hearth that focus on different aspects of combat. Whether that be our cavalry unit, guerilla warfare group, or main fighting platoons we have a spot for everyone who has a focused interest in military might as a whole.

The Citizens Foundry


The Citizens Foundry is our economic backbone here, the premise behind this organization is the easement of craftsmen and gatherers lives. Instead of worrying about how to get rid of their wares or what is in demand you can sell your goods to The Scales. We will track supply and demand of objects, where they are most needed, as well as compensate people accordingly that way you can focus on what and how you craft. However we aren't looking to discourage people from being shop owners in fact our focus is getting you to be the quality craftsmen you desire to be. If a storefront is still a strong desire we also look at loans for commercial property, space renting, and even the hiring of trained store clerks to alleviate your burdens. We also intend to keep Track of a bounty system for high demand items and goods to encourage not only healthy competition but the financial gains of people within the community.

Duke Balthazar Theory Forge Recruitment Message

Counties of Luxpsring

Grua'Caladh County - Warden Faolan Rathainn

Holdings County - Count Archibald Kered

Macao County - Sloth Desu

Polushana County - Kolt Balthazar Kallar

Valdyr County - Crow

most names still pending

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9/20/2019 9:16:29 PM #1

This is Sparta!

Countess Aurabella

9/21/2019 2:55:28 AM #2

Are you sure you only want 2 arenas Balt? Got to keep competitive with Aeterna afterall!

9/24/2019 6:23:28 AM #3

Looks awesome Bro!! proud to be part of Luxspring,

Duchess of Nareveth, Mayoress of Fyrebend, Duchy of Luxspring.

10/14/2019 4:00:57 PM #4

Wonderful read, brother! Makes me WANT to be a part of your duchy!! I’ll come hangout a lot though! 😃