Travel time, exhaustion and day night cycle

I was just thinking and correct me if I'm wrong or have missed something but how much can i expect to be exhausted with my character needing to rest during a strenuous journey and how many times can i expect to see a day night cycle.

If I remember correctly, it is given that to cross the map it'd take 48 hours as the crow flies with no obstacles. Which is half a year in game terms which i personally like further meaning I will expect to see 2 seasons within that time frame. Now here is what i'm wondering, there is 365 days in a year divided by 2 = 182.5 days I will experience on this 48 hour journey. So what I'm wondering is will i roughly experience 4 days per hour full night cycle and everything? Now with exhaustion, saying my character is in peek physical condition it wouldn't be unreasonable to say that he could go a whole day hiking with minor breaks for food and water maybe every hour, now this is walking with a backpack and everything as if we were going for a hike in real life. So I'm wondering will i expect my character to need to have a break every hour in real life or every hour in game which would be every few minutes as there is roughly 4 days within an hour.

Now this is talking about uninterrupted game play without all the obstacles of nature like a mountain and it is also saying that i won't have a horse nor will i have to sprint for a period of time. But as someone who wants their character to be an explorer i'm just wondering what effects this will have on me.

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The purpose of having characters rest periodically is to encourage players to get up and move around every so often instead of just sitting at the game non-stop. Therefore, I think we can safely say that real world time is the primary deciding factor and the character's physical fatigue is not the main issue. Also, if I understand correctly you can only sleep during the night time part of the cycle anyway, and resting is not required it only gives certain bonuses if you do. Maybe someone else knows more or knows better.

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The time scale is not all reducible to the same scales in real life. One elyrian year is 4 days, each day a season. However, that doesn't mean you're going to see 184 day-night changes in one day of gameplay.

As i recall, daylight lasts something like ~3-4 hours, and night is something around ~2. Those numbers aren't perfect but they're ballparks, with night being slightly less than day.

The more you exert yourself, the more you'll depend on things like food and rest to keep your fatigue from crippling you. For a long journey across the world like you describe, you'd need to bring not just tons of food, but different kinds of outside-wear given different seasons, and something like a cot or a tent to rest in during the night cycle.

If you stay inside a "town" or a "village", you cannot die to fatigue or hunger. If you try to make an expedition and run out of food, however, you will definitely die for it and probably suffer some spirit loss.

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Thanks mate you pretty much answered my questions

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The day night cycle is 2.5 hours with 1.5 of day and 1 of night. There's is a twilight period in between as well that is part of the 2.5 hours. You can see the info HERE.