[Show us Your Domain] Vaskrgard (OCE)

Early Morning deep in the Taiga of Aequitas, the morning sun peeks out from the clouds, the night was long and cold, fresh snow still lies upon the canopy of the tree, below the Drayas Elk graze in the woods, whilst the wolves and the predators return to their dens. The Raven takes flight first swooping beneath the canopy in search of a fine morning meal, it dodges the aggressive grasp of the Canis rabbit, it dives into the crystal clear lake and with it sharp talons clutches a small fish, it rises high above the canopy.

The Raven flies East towards a giant rock in the distance, it turns its head to the north where it knows the salty lake lies, no today it must go east, the White Lady only uses her finest Raven for the most important tasks.

Eastward I go ever faster as the raven flies. I spy movement the large bulky beast similar to that of the White Lady, her kin work below ever building stone paths…

The land changes every time I fly these stone paths ever expand across the land.

Further East I fly, the stone rock grows bigger and bigger, in the distance not far now, the stone paths lost long ago beneath the canopy of vast green, the snow has begun to melt, summer is coming...the battle of Mann will return soon.

East I go, the giant rock tower is beginning to take shape, it looks at me through the vastness of the forest. Down i dip further down till im within reach of the predators in the trees, a bold move but necessary as the winds pick up. Then i hear it the distinct sound that I am nearly at my final destination, task soon will be complete then i can feed. Thud, Thud Thud, the sound of rocks falling to the ground, why Mann builds wooden toys to throw rocks baffles me, but alas at the giant rock that is what they do.

I hear it more clearly now , the chattering of mann, the sound of metal upon metal… they forever are building giant contraptions here. Just a little further now i smell the distinct scent of mann. The forests vanish as if cut by mann, as far as the eye can see hundreds of tall wooden contraptions are been loaded onto other wooden contraptions, the poor ursaphants who have to pull them far. There it is atop the large stone tower the rookery my final destination.

I fly upwards over the stacked stone that dwarfs the forests ever higher I go till I arrive… A bearded Mann taller and thicker than the White Lady like always is here ever watching the wooden constructs grow. I hold out my leg he takes the message attached to me…”hmm” he says, “Quartermaster Bridff, prepare the forces of Vaskrgard, the Lady Lyall summons the army”... he leaves in a rush and I fly outside, smoke I see in the West, so it has begun...