[EU][FR][Dem]Corvus Corax Adventurer guild

We are the Corvus Corax, an adventurers guild with the aim to unravel the secrets of elyria!



Our headquarter is landed in The city of Therion, County of Skelanos under the authority of the great count Athorias.Alpine tundra going to be our home but our organisation going to travel all over Elyria world, even beyond the sea’s, even the planes.


This structure is made to enhance gameplay experience of everybody:

  • Gather stuff in expedition for the crafter

  • Provide trail ration for expedition team

  • Provide a safe home for all the guild members

  • Provide a place to rest and have fun until you organize or crafting stuff or your next expedition with the other guild members

  • make some friends ;)

  • etc etc...


We have a lot of goals, the primary one is to enter in astral plane to going in Karcion and Haven as a living.

  • Defend the great county of Skelanos

  • Master souls and nature forces

  • Explore and clean dungeon

  • Find treasure, artifact and using them for the good of elyria

  • Slay mythical creature/ demon

  • Collect knowledge about Fighting , language , mythic creature and demons , poisons , antidots, survival stuff, for helping us in our quests and put all this knowledge in our Library to sharing this information with our members

  • Having a shop to sell the good collected in exploration and keep the organisation running and growing


First, all tribes are accepted, then we will need some kind of profession/vocation:

  • Dungeoneer

  • Explorer

  • Fighter (every style)

  • Cartographer

  • Scribes

  • Interpreter

  • Bards, Menestrel

  • Shaman and druid , for understand and use nature forces

  • Investigator to collect information and contract for future quests for the guild members

  • Deviant

  • Animal trainer

  • Trader

  • All type of profession to craft what the guild needs ( armor ,weapon ,traveling stuff,food,maps,brewer,etc) sharing our knowledge with our partner is highly recommended

  • The Black lotus , alchemy guild

  • The Hammer unity , Metalworks and military supplies guild

  • Ægir’s commerce guild , naval trading guild

  • The Golden grain , agriculture guild

  • The Obelisk, Construction and architecture corporation

  • The Goldborn, Adventurer guild

  • Domaine Azamur, Crossbow makers

New partner are welcome :)

To apply Discord here, mp me or comment

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Beau projet ! Bonne chance !

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Merci :)

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Wow, hopefully you'll slay Dark Lord Sauron before he invades

Chaos is a batter

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Don't worries Redswan ;)