Naval and landbased TRADING guild in the north

Ægir's Commerce Guild (ÆCG)

Server: EU - Kingdom: Demalion - Duchy: Redshore - County: Skelanos -

Do you want to be part of a guild that will turn into a prosperous and fun guild upon launch? And as a bonus, do you want to join the Grand County of Skelanos which is also gonna be a prosperous realm... Well, Well, Well Ægir's Commerce Guild (ÆCG) is looking for people to serve as merchants, captains, Ship builders, overseers and more! Plenty of seabound and landbound jobs, something for everyone! even the dirtiest scum is given a new chance to serve a purpose in our guild!

We are looking for: Navigators Shipwrights Captains Guards Workers Carpenters Engineers

Sail the seas, Trade with all the kingdoms of Elyria and become rich in the process.

Skelanos also offers a fun community to chat, play and plunder with if you're into any of that! Feel free to join our invite discord!

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