Capital Delving of Dâhl Gorreth

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We are located within the Grand County of Skelanoslink, Duchy of Redshore, Kingdom of Demalion. We make our home in the untamed Tundra, where survival will be one of many challenges to overcome.


Stoneblood Animal Husbandry Center: A guild for those with an interest in genetics and animal taming! We shall provide players with all different kinds of breeds to experiment with. There will be 4 main departments: Livestock, Mounts, Pets and War Breeds. Go see the full list in the Guild Post!

Pioneer Brewing Guild: Always dreamt of creating your own signature alcoholic beverages? Then this guild is for you! At the moment we have our own Grapes to start producing Wine and Brandy, and we have a location which provides us with Cardinal Bee honey to distill our own mead! More info in the Guild Post.

Hammerfist Weapon and Armour Manufacturer: This guild will aim to provide a broad range of weapons and armour for the military and adventurers alike. There will be 2 main departments (Weapons and Armour), which will be further divided into smaller ones that will focus on more specific items (e.g. Sword Division, Metal Armour Division,...). Click the link for more info!

Skelanos United Military Organization (S.U.M.O.): We will have a base of our County-wide military corporation in the city. We shall act as mercenaries, taking a big variety of jobs perfect for those with a combat-orientated mind. More info in the Guild Post!

What we're looking for:

  • Farmers: Living in the Tundra is harsh and as such we will need A LOT of farmers to provide us with the food necessary.

  • Animals Breeders/Tamers: We have a guild looking for members!

  • Smiths: For crafting weapons and armour mainly, but we every Smith is welcome!

  • Leatherworkers: For crafting armour and other useful items.

  • Brewers: Our guild could always use more members!

  • Soldiers: Join the army and defend your home! Go on all sorts of odd jobs and get to see the world!

  • Map Makers: Go out with exporation parties and map the world!

  • Inn keeper: Welcome travellers from all over and run an inn in this bustling Delving!

  • Traders: Export our goods and make a name for Dâhl Gorreth!

Dâhl Gorreth will prove to be a lively city with plenty of space and opportunities for those wishing to make a name for themselves, or just live a peaceful life. We will have an Arena in our city where we plan to hold Monthly events, ranging from musical plays to art exhibitions and gladiator fights! Any player with the mindset to help this settlement become one of a kind is encouraged to join, so don't hesitate because it doesn't seem like your plan won't be supported! If you're interested in joining, feel free to hop in our County and/or City Discord! See you soon!

Friend Code: B6D2D4