The Obelisk, Construction and Architecture Corporation

The Obelisk, Construction and Architecture Corporation is aiming to become your go to organisation for the construction of your Roads, Bridges, Houses, Guildhalls, Forts and much more. We are interested in Designing, Supervising, Managing and Constructing all your buildings in whatever fashion you wish, within the physics of Elyria of course. Our goal is to be able to facilitate the complete construction process; you supply us with the raw resources and we craft the goods into a finished Building, Road, Bridge etc, We are looking for: Architects. Masons. Carpenters. Glassblowers. Blacksmiths. Tinkerers/Engineers. Gatherers are of course also welcome. We offer you the chance to be a part of a fun and growing community that will hopefully change the scenery in COE with their structures! Interested in joining us? want to hire us? want to know more? Join our discord server! (discord to our city) Also, for more information check out the official Skelenos website Signed Gorroth