[EU] Lux Arcana (Trade Guild)

Lux Arcana (Trade Guild)

Key Facts

Server: Selene(EU)
Kingdom: Tryggr, Nirath

Races: No restrictions
Professions: (see below)

Time Zone: Western/Central Europe (English speaking)
Hours per week: Less important as long as you contribute/get involved!
Ages/Outlook: 18+, mature, helpful, friendly and outgoing


Lux Arcana will be a server wide trade guild that all Traders or Merchants can join, regardless of location or existing affiliations. The goal of the guild will be to provide a marketplace for rare and exotic items. A network of trusted traders and merchants.

We are not trying to compete with any existing Kingdom specific trading companies as we do not expect merchants will use us for standard commodities e.g. food, building materials etc... Instead we will act like a specialist catalog that merchants turn to when their customers need something different, exotic or not easily sourced in their home domain.

The Guild has its headquarters in the City of Agora in the County of Sunward (Skyslope, Tryggr). Initially, anyone within a certain radius of Agora will be welcome to join this guild, even if you already belong to another in-game community or domain. The starting recruitment radius will be small at the start of the game, but will increase later.

It is important to state that membership of our Trade Guild will have several levels, with only the highest levels offering full access to our wider community (and Discord channels).

Why restricted access? Because we fully expect to players to join from other duchies and kingdoms. Players who wish to benefit from having access to our trade network but whose primary affiliation will remain with their parent domain or gaming community.

What we offer

Players joining the Lux Arcana (Trade Guild) can expect the following:

  • Access to our online marketplace (details below)
  • Access to transportation services for the goods you buy and sell
  • The option to arrange security for transported goods
  • A community of other traders and merchants

Like some other trading operations we will be providing an online marketplace for members to view what goods are for sale or wanted by other traders in the network.

We provide a marketplace. What you choose to buy or sell is up to you!


Currently we are only recruiting players from the following duchies:

Tryggr: Skyslope, Crossland, Windflat, Darkmoon Vale
Nirath: Ashen, The Sage, Meadowfire

If your home is in any of the above locations then what race you choose is up to you. If you choose to settle in Agora then you must also meet the requirements of our city.

For now we are only recruiting players specialising in the following professions:

Traders, Merchants, Drivers and Fences

Lux Arcana

The County of Sunward is being set up the Lux Arcana gaming community. Founded in 2004, we have a core leadership with over 15 years experience running MMO guilds.

Our primary goal in Lux is always to provide a well organised and drama free community for members to enjoy playing a game. We aim to be in the top 30% of guilds in terms of in-game achievements and success but always keeping it fun. We understand that most of our members have real lives, families and other interests as well, and those take priority.

We are also not a guild that dies suddenly in-game because the leadership goes inactive. Leaders and officers are free to leave whenever they wish, but as a community we always plan ahead for this and ensure our in-game activities can continue without disruption.

What Next?

If you like the sound of what we are planning then please join our Discord server!

Thanks for reading!