[Show Us Your Domain] The origin of Dark Lantern: A To’resk county within the Janoa rainforest

In a time when the Janoa isolationism was at its peak and the mutually beneficial relations between the To’resk and Janoa was still only budding a tribe of To’resk arrived at the south-western coast of the rainforest, miraculously unscathed the legends go, after having traveled through the thick and inhospitable vegetation of the rainforest all the way from the north-western wetlands. What is truth or embellishment in this old tale is not certain today, but two tribes with a strong bond living side by side is the undeniable result.

As is often the case with cherished stories shared many times it has many variations, but one constant is that it begins with Taurea, a female To’resk credited as the founder of Aurumdea, Dark Lanterns county seat. It is unclear whether she was a scholar or a priestess, but she was at the very least a learned woman. She also must have had some renown of some kind as she was given the exclusive opportunity to study some ancient documents that had been discovered at the time. The texts, possibly religious in nature, revealed truths about the world of Elyria that apparently put into question the reality itself. For some time Taurea truly agonized over these texts, wondering what to make of them, uncertain whether to share them with her peers altogether.

Then one day as Taurea prayed for guidance Angelica came to her, blinding her for the duration; for three days she was in Angelica’s motherly embrace, being taught about the truths of the world and manns way back to Haven. Finally, encouraged to similarly teach her fellow mann she was reluctantly let go. Filled with passion for the Goddess Taurea took on the role as her prophetess, gathering many followers in just a few years, appealing particularly to those of an open mind among the scholarly and those looking for renewed hope among the unfortunate. Unfortunately, she was similarly becoming unpopular among those who thrived within the established traditions and ways of the world, though she had a mysteriously intimidating effect on them and so they shied away.

Eventually she raised the ire among the clergy in the region, in particular among those rooted in the finer details taught by men before them. It is said that they were making grand plans for her disposal, but before their plans was carried out the Goddess would embrace Taurea one final time, telling her to seek out a group of Janoa far from the wetlands. Guided by Angelica’s light, Taurea took dozens of her followers through the jungle and arrived at the coast where the capital of Aurumdea can be found today.

At this coast they encountered a small group of Janoa struck by misfortune, the strongest and most capable among them having recently perished between accidents and hostilities. Despite this and being greatly outnumbered the Janoa bravely stood their ground with bows readied and spears extended as the To’resk approached them. Taurea fell to her knees before them, begging them to accept them and allow them a chance to prove themselves. Between being at a disadvantage and having respect for a plea to prove oneself, the Janoa lowered their weapons.

The To’resk having brought knowledge of many things with them, from efficient fishing methods to refined tools, quickly gained the Janoa’s favor; especially once they realized Taurea was blessed in such a way that predators would shy away upon her approach, something the Janoan hunters quickly utilized for their hunts. This way the two tribes settled together, forming the roots of what would one day become a grand settlement within a county that even today strives for excellence and pursuit of knowledge; a county that is still to this day guided by house Angeliac, Taurea’s descendants.

Regardless of the version of the tale it leaves many questions unanswered. Janoan versions even claim it was the spirit of the land that came to Taurea, not the deity of the Qindred. Similarly, many scholars are fascinated by Taurea’s supposed ability to repel those with hostile intent, mann and beast alike. Neither does any version of the tale speak of what became of the ancient documents that drove Taurea down her path. These truths may never be uncovered, but perhaps this one time it doesn’t matter, for it is a tale about a treasure already gained.