[Show Us Your Domain] Drakensberg Village

Drakensberg, originally called Greylast, in the Duchy of Feann would not usually warrant a second glance. It is out of the way in the mountains of Razdyn, upon the peak of the mighty mountain Drakesberg. The farmers grow the cotton and flax, sheep and cows roam the fields around the village. Their main export is a variety of well-crafted textiles, from clothes, to sturdy impeccable leather armour.

Upon viewing the village from road, one will see pastures full of animals, fields alive with crops, glorious trees planted and tended by the local forestors. But the most beautiful feature is the row of stone dragons along the cliff edge, standing sentinel over the glorious backdrop of the Mountains. The dragons are a fearsome sight, but even their majesty is not why the village is known throughout the realm of Al’Khezam.

No, for Drakensberg their fame is much darker, a stain upon the world of Elyria. For just before arriving in the village travellers will pass a mighty fort. The outer keep blocks the road, protecting the villages from attackers without and within. The majority of the keep though is built within the mountain, blocking access to the caves below.

This fort is manned by the Watchers of Asiduuryn, sworn to the Duke of Feann, they will venture out in the defence of the realm, but their true task is to ensure the creatures below never escape. For it is within these caves that they are to be found, creatures with a horrible visage. They have the facial features of a To’resk, the height of a Hrothi, the build of a Dras, and the eyes of a Kypiq. Their pale skin mottled from years of living underground. It is said these poor creatures were bred in an age passed by an insane and powerful mage, others will convince you they were created by Daemon to plague the world.

What is certain though, if they were to get out, the landscape of Elyria would forever be changed...