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Bloodborn, feared name of an ancient savage tribe living in the Zantos Swamp far away from our known civilization, ancient relatives of the fabled Dras tribe, the legend says they were born in blood. A long time ago, the firstborn son of the leader of The Blood Ones defected from the tribe in search of immortality. On his journey, he found a book titled "Mortem" with the Two-Fold Queen's mark on it at a long forgotten sanctuary of the tribe where only the strongest warrior could enter.

They believed the forbidden book was blessed by the Two-Fold Queen and could only be read by the strongest warrior.

followed by multiple bloodwarriors he set out to make sure his new 'Bloodborn' clan could hunt till eternity. Moving towards the kingdom of AL-Khezam where the influence of the Two-Fold Queen is the greatest, pillaging and destroying everything on their way.

after years passing they arrived at the kingdom, the presence of the Two-Fold Queen further increased their anger, rage and strength.

after wandering in the kingdom for a few days they found the first village, shocked of what has become of the Dras relatives that live in the village they burned it, their relatives had grown weaker, their life of luxury left them untrained, weak and not prepared for war. Finally he found a place were his connection to the Two-Fold Queen was so strong he dared to open the book, He opened the book dark mist pooring from it, his eyes turnes purple and a white mark burned into his head, whitout reading the book he knew what he had to do.

According to the book he had to pierce an unborn childs heart, One for every year he lived before.

The Bloodborn clan, now followed by multiple bounty hunting groups payed to erase the clan from existence finally found what they were looking for The bounty hunters arrived too late. They found the bodies of 39 womens. Their womb was cut open.

after piercing the last unborn heart, the mark on the leader's head expanded covering his whole body in pale white skin, Maybe it was the work of the Two-fold Queen, but all the unborn children were alive, Whitout a heart and with white pale skin the unborn children started crying, they would feel an endless pain for the rest of their existence, a pain wich no mortal couldnt bear,

They were raised by the tribe while they crossed to other kingdoms, pillaging villages and killing bounty hunters send to dispose of the clan. , When the unborn aged 10, the leader told them his story and ordered his 39 children to murder everyone else in his clan, The Unborn Bloodwarriors, multiple times stronger as the rest of their clan succeeded, they kept traveling and pillaging with a clan of 40 immortal warriors.

With the passing years the pain in them changed to anger, They became even more heartless and savage. For years they raided the land terrorizing the people. The Bloodborn clan was feared worldwide.

Almost 39 years passed since they were born in blood, they were back in the kingdom of Al-Khezam, they dreamed about their birth 38 times at the darkest night of the year. They arrived to a village on the day before their birthnight. They scouted the surroundings and planned to attack the settlement when a group of brigands arrived from nowhere.

The Bloodborns silently witnessed as the brigands robbed the village, the villagers fighting back, but not strong enough. They already wanted to leave the place when the leader of the Bloodborn spotted a shrine, on top of the shrine stood their banner, the citizens adorned the Bloodborn, they prayed for them, they learned of their travels into the other kingdoms, they learned of their strenghts,

That was the moment the Bloodborn learned of their influence on the world, they deemed this village worthy. the leader of the bloodborn blew his warhorn. thats when they jumped upon the brigands.

the brigands ran in fear, seeing the banner of the Bloodborn clan, with the cover of the nights darkness, and a blood red moon in the sky, The bloodborn Clan moved as shadows in the dark, The brigands did not know what was happening, with every passing breath, a brigand lost his head, none of them shouted, non of them made a sound, there was only the sound of the swamp and the humming sound of the Two-Fold Queen. while the red moon was shining upon the swamp, the dead bodies of the brigands bled out.

Upon returning to the village, they found that all villagers had weapons, they were not the weak people they once encountered, they were not the luxurious and clueless people they once were, They had taken the Bloodborn ideology,

The people of the village were grateful for them, The elder offered them food and a place to sleep. seeing as the villagers accepted the way of the warrior, the Bloodborn accepted, in that village, in the land where the Two-Fold Queen grows the strongest, in that village, on the 39th year after 39 unborn children were stolen from their womb, in that village, on the 39'th darkest night of the year,

their rage and pain dissapeeared

On the 39'th darkest night of the year, after pillaging and raiding most of the known world,

On the 39'th darkest night of the year the Bloodborn dreamt of protecting this village, building a fortress, settling down and helping their relatives to protect and arm themselves

On the 39'th darkest night of the year the Bloodborn had found a home.

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Long ago there was city in the ancient land of Elyria. It was an Elysium for alchemists. They had everything and understood all about nature, life and death. They could create any potion or cure they wanted. However one night the city disappeared, no one knows how or why. One person always shunned by society remained because of his never aging appearance, a 'pilgrim'. One day he came across a city that was being developed. When he arrived he saw a boy standing next to the orphanage. The boy was not afraid, and expressed an interest in the art of Alchemy. The pilgrim saw him and asked him: "Boy, why are you curious about Alchemy?" and he replied: "Because I want to keep balance, and help or destroy where it’s needed. The pilgrim reached out his hand to the boy and together they founded a small shop where they practiced the art of Alchemy. Everything went fine until the boy became bedridden by a seemingly incurable disease. The pilgrim, not wanting his pupil to die, decided to break a vow he made a long time ago, to never practice the dark alchemy. He created an elixir using a part of his body, his heart, as an ingredient to cure the boy. After the boy came to, The pilgrim was not around, but instead, there was a book, 'The diary of a pilgrim', the boy was sad and cried a lot. After reading the book, he knew what he had to do, Create a new Elysium for alchemists, he remodelled his shop to a guild hall and sent letters to all Talents of alchemy, as all Talents are curious, they all came to stay with the boy, to learn the knowledge and discover new secrets of the world, but mostly, to keep the balance between life and death, This boy became the first guild master of The Black Lotus Alchemy guild

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Famous in their name, The City of Therion, home to the Bloodborn Clan and the Black Lotus Alchemy Guild, was one of the most populated cities in the Duchy of Falzame. Life in the city was good, the city and their guilds were progressing and everyone had a taste for more. The city had no food production since the villages around the city would supply crops, meats and hides to Therion. One day the shipments of food and animal products stopped, The mercenaries of the Bloodborn were sent to investigate, They returned with the news that the surrounding villages were littered with corpses and there were no survivors. Upon further investigation the villages fell victim to 'The Searing Plague', a disease so bad it wiped out entire kingdoms. Luckily since the Black Lotus Alchemy Guild did large scale experiments on their people, The citizens became somehow immune to the disease. The problem was that the City of Therion had no food supply. They sent their traders and mercenaries to gather all seeds and surviving livestock from the villages. Upon arrival most of the crops and animals were already dead. When they returned to the city, The whole population was tilling fields, preparing fences, clearing weeds and digging wells to support their new Agriculture Guild. During the early months while the first crops were planted and growing, the citizens of the city were on rations with barely anything to eat. Luckily the Black Lotus Alchemy Guild produced one of the best fertilizers they could, which greatly decreased the amount of time the city needed for producing the crops. After the first harvest, the High Chief of the city appointed a minister also known as a Guildmaster to coordinate with the guild and report to him. At that moment when the first Minister of Agriculture was appointed, The Golden Grain Agriculture Guild was born.

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The City of Therion was growing rapidly. Almost all professions were taken. No place existed for outsiders as the city was becoming full. In an attempt to acquire wealth and happiness, poor people would occasionally come to the city in an attempt to establish a better life. These poor people, too poor to buy a crafting station or any other way to support themselves would flock between the Agriculture Guild’s district and the main city district, hoping to eat anything that fell off the wagons which were stuffed with food. Makeshift crafting stations were built using trash and resources the poor people found. Mostly crafts were made to support the lowest tier of mercenaries; those who did not earn enough to get their equipment repaired by renowned smiths and fletchers. Different from the usual crafting district, the craftsmen of different professions worked together in this district, Fletchers, Blacksmiths, Toolsmiths, Armorsmiths, Weaponsmiths and Ironworkers were all working in the same workplace. Slowly after time their workplace was turning in to a real building, With high grade crafting stations and tools, Earning more and more money. Even the higher tier mercenaries came to buy new weapons, armor, tools and arrows. With the business improving and the people becoming rather wealthy, the originators of the workplace went to the Paleblood family to request their workplace be seen as an official asset of The City of Therion. Being the righteous rulers the Paleblood family are, they granted the workplace the station of becoming an official guild. That is how the Hammers of Unity Guild was founded. A place for all people needing weapons, armor tools or metal related items.

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The thriving city of Therion grew up until the point that there was not enough housing. The Paleblood Family who owns the city and the mercenary guild, hired a construction company from a different kingdom. The construction of the new living district took 5 years. Upon completion, the Paleblood family sent one of their ministers to inspect the new district. However, the quality was low and the buildings were not habitable according to Therion standards. When confronting the foreign construction company they said they could not fix it neither could they give a refund. And so the Bloodborn Mercenary division set out to pillage and destroy the hometown of the foreign construction guild. But that didn't fix the problem. During the 5 years of construction, one of the Paleblood family's advisors were interested in construction. This advisor kept a close look on the work being done. He was called Yerico Bloodfist. After demolishing the new but shoddily built district, the city of Therion started their own build. They assigned a special name to the division that was responsible for the construction. It was called The Obelisk Construction and Architecture Corporation. Lead by Eranos Bloodfist, it is currently known as one of the best construction and architecture corporations in Elyria.

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Ventis is an interesting little town. It was created by a Dras named Louis Ventisette. He and his kind fled a tropical jungle and their oppressors. They looked to the swamps to find a sanctuary. The Dras struggled as they migrated but they were determined to survive. Louis, being the kind hearted man that he was, felt all the suffering of his people. After arriving in the swamp, people began to become terminally ill. It came down to about twelve people running the settlement at one point. They continued to work hard with no end or cure to the decay in sight.

In an effort to heal the sick, Louis began exploring deeper into the swamps. Only he and a few others including his young toddler daughter Larrie had not been stricken down with sickness. His wife and the mother to his child had already been claimed by the disease. Desperate to find a cure for his people, Louis furiously harvested herbs and plants to search for a cure. Suddenly he heard a branch cracking behind him. He staggeringly turned around and in surprise fell on his back.

In front of him stood an army. At the head there were 3 people. Each of the 3 walked to Louis to introduce themself.

First came a pale Dras carrying a massive glaive in one hand. Louis had never seen a Dras this pale and this tall. With a loud deep, almost beast like voice he spoke, “I am Arios Paleblood, descendant of Sairohta Paleblood, current Count of Skelanos and leader of the united clans born from the book of Mortem under the red moon.”

Arios reached out to offer Louis a hand to help him up.

Second came a small Dras, fully clad in heavy armor carrying a massive shield. As the small one walked towards Louis the ground shook. Louis thought that this person and his armor, must weigh at least 600 pounds!

From the gaps in his helmet came a deep firm voice, “My name is Aiki of Dorthal, descendant of Sairohta Paleblood, general of the Steelborn and mayor of Dorthal.”

The third person approached. Louis noticed he wore a golden bow much larger than an average bow.

With a kind and friendly voice the person said,

“My name is Sanadin Honeybrew, descendant of Sairohta Paleblood, general of the Goldborn and mayor of Everbloom.”

Sanadin looked around the area and kindly asked Louis what he was doing in the territory of Skelanos.

Not knowing where exactly in the swamp he was, Louis told the leaders that he and his people fled to the swamps from their oppressors and fell sick from the swamp and its vapors.

The leaders looked at each other questioningly. As being bred, born, and trained in the swamp they could not understand how one could become sick by the swamp. For them, the swamp was a source of life and joy.

They wanted to see this with their own eyes. So with Louis and their army, they marched to inspect the Dras who had fallen ill.

After looking at several of the sick Dras, Arios, Sanadin, and Aiki looked at each other and nodded. Sanadin waved a soldier closer and whispered something in his ear. The soldier turned and promptly left the encampment. A short time later he returned with a large golden chest. He opened it up and took out a weird purple looking root.

As a naturally curious man, Louis did not understand the meaning of their actions and asked what was going on.

The leaders explained that Louis and his people were poisoned even before they entered the swamp. Normally this poison would not by itself harm a person, but since Louis and his people moved to the swamp, the environment made the poison activate. This is what was causing their condition to slowly deteriorate. They could not guess as to why Louis, his daughter, and a small few were not affected.

Sanadin seeing the ravages of the poison working against the Louis settlement, wanted to hand over the medicine to Louis. He was suddenly hindered by Arios, “We should not waste this expensive imported medicine on these people. We don't know them and they invaded our territory.”

Upon hearing this, Louis panicked from the stress of seeing the cure right in front of his eyes and at the same time slipping away. He fell on his knees and begged Arios for the cure. He pressed his forehead to the soil and told him he would do anything to save his people. They had struggled and fought for their lives to make it to the Skelanos lands and he did not wish them to die now from some sneaky underhanded poison.

A smile appeared on Arios’ face. He looked down at Louis, rammed his glaive in the ground and threw the root in his lap. “You said you were prepared to do anything? Then take my life!”

Louis looked at the root and the glaive. Not understanding the reasoning of Arios, he responded, “But... but... I am a healer, not a killer.”

Fiercely Arios shouted, “DO IT!” while unsheathing a dagger and pointing it at Louis.

Visions of the past with his family and friends in good times and struggle flew through Louis’ mind. He remembered his wife and thought of his child. He remembered the fight for freedom and the long trek out of the jungle. Not knowing if this was a trade, his life for the life of his people he became resolute with his decision. Louis accepted that the moment the weapon struck the warrior in front of him, the soldiers in the army would likely cut him down. But he also knew something that was more important to him, that those who were left of his people needed to live.

Louis shouted to the soldiers that were standing around them watching the scene play out, “If you need blood, so be it! I do this so that they may live!” Louis wrapped his hands around the massive glaive and forcefully thrust it into Arios’ chest, cleaving it right through him.

Louis was numb. He was shocked at what he was witnessing. Arios stood in front him still! Smiling no less! Arios slowly pulled the glaive out of his own body, wincing from time to time.

“Hahahah,” Arios laughed. “Nice try, sadly you can’t kill people from the clans united under the blood moon.”

“As a punishment for failing your task, you will have to surrender your people to us and work for us the rest of your life. Welcome to the County of Skelanos!”

While Arios shouted those last words Louis realized that the soldiers had already begun treating his people. Tears of relief and joy welled up in his eyes as he thanked the Lords.

In the days after, many secrets about the county were revealed to Louis. The fact that the clans were losing their immortality and would need healers in the future. The fact that some of the clan members were forming bonds with mounts and needed stables and food for their animals.

Louis thanked the Count, and promised to use what he had learned about the plants of the swamp to found one of the best hospitals and academies in the region. In an effort to do his part in protecting his new clan he needed to make sure the clan members would never die from any wounds they would get in the future.

Recognizing the sincerity, ingenuity, and leadership skills of Louis Francois Maurice Ventisette, the lords agreed to allow for a fourth clan to join as an equal member in the Skelanos lands. In honor of people who were lost along the journey and in the symbolism of family, family lost and family saved. The town of Ventis was so claimed and named. In keeping with the agreement, the town of Ventis began to train the best mounted warriors of the swamp. With this, the city of Ventis and the Highborn mounted military clan was founded. Because while Louis was averse to bloodshed and violence, he knew that the people also cannot be unwilling to take arms. He dedicated his life to healing the clans and educating the people so that Ventis can work toward a better tomorrow for Skelanos. His daughter was raised as his apprentice and learned all the secrets of the swamp including those passed to her father from Arios himself.

After a time, the town was founded and functioning, the people were active and prosperous, and Louis in his bed with his daughter and second wife by his side said his final word to those he loved the most, “Thrive”. With that he was laid to rest and the people of Ventis, by a clear majority voted Larrie Marie Chantal Ventisette as the new mayor. She would from that day forward be known as Madame Ventisette the mayor of Ventis.

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The county of skelanos was thriving. Famous for producing mighty legendary warriors, the best of medicine, entire naval fleets for war and trading and much more. Great minds flocked to skelanos, setting up institues and organizations within the safe domain to progress towards greatness. At the annual sedicism the gazes towards the nobles of skelanos turned into gazes of discontent, fear and jealousy. Having the mightiest army, biggest income and most progressive culture the help of skelanos was not appriciated but became a nuisance for the o so powerfull nobles of the kingdom. The county of skelanos were exciled in their own territory because of fears they might one day take over the kingdom. The count of skelanos, Athorias Paleblood had no such ambitions, he was content with ruling his county from his fortress. As this progressed people from the county were treated differently by the kingdom, the people who once took pride in their progressive spirit were almost broken by the kingdom. After returning from the sedicism the count called in all his advisors, guildmasters, mayors and notable people from all over the county to his hall. Food was served and discussions were started, but after the sedicism the atmosphere was different. Lost in thought Athorias was thinking how he could change the situation, but even after hours and hours while the feast was still continuing he had no solution. Then Erez Ægir, master of the naval trading company showed a new design for his new fleet of ships. At that moment Athorias had a realization, he took his glaive and with a mighty thrust the hit it in the floor, creating the sound of a thundering blow. The room fell silent, with a firm voice athorias spoke: I hereby suggest we utilize our fleet to sail towards a new world, a world where we dont need to be felt ashame of who we are, a world where skelanos can thrive. for a few minutes the hall was silent, people looked at eachother, then loud cheering emerged from a unanimous united hall, all agreed with the vision of the count. The county was cleared, buildings were raised to leave no trace, the only thing that remained were the big walls surrounding the county. All people, animals and resources were loaded aboard the ships. the sails were set and with no cource the fleet sailed out. After months on the ocean the count became weaker and weaker. being the last immortal created by the book of mortem who was not yet cured the growing distance between him and the two fold queen made his lifepower become depleted. The body that lasted him centuries was slowly growing old and rotting away while his soul was trapped in there. eventually on the horizon, a massive mountain could be seen in the distance. the mountain was growing closer and closer as Athorias set it as their new destination. In front of the mountain was a large inlet to a river, this is where the people of skelanos decided to setup their new county. The adventurers of skelanos found many ancient ruins around the mountain and started exploring. The merchants and builders of skelanos went to interact with the surrounding cities and villages telling them skelanos founded their new county and are willing to have a friendly relation with them. Later the county was visiter by a duchess called 'firesmith', she told the count that she was the duchess of the territory skelanos was now settled in. She said that as long as skelanos follows the rules of the empire there would be no problems. Skelanos agreed to this and the Duchess returned to her city under the mountain. Count Athorias grew weaker and weaker, as his last wish he wanted to visit a ruin in a valley next to the mountain on his own. He arrived looking at the beutiful ruin, not finding any rellics, there were only beutiful flowers. He want to lay in there flowers and slowly closed his eyes...

Suddenly a glowing light appeared and he woke up, he was underground in a dungeon. Embedded in the rock was a statue of a large hrothi holding a large warhammer. In front of him that same light appeared and when the light dissapeared 7 being were standing in front of him. Synchronized they said the following words to him: You who have walked in this world for a long time are not yet ready to leave, we ask for you to protect this world from the gods who wish to detroy it. usher your answer before your deteriorating body dissapears out of this world and your soul is lost for the ages. With his last might Athorias lifted his glaive and with a thundering blow he placed it in front of him whispering with his last remaining breath: i accept. At that moment the soul of him and the seven deities flocked towards the stone statue imbedding in it. Cracks appeared in the statue until it broke revealing the new Athorias Paleblood with a stronger body then before. As he shouted tht dungeon trembled, the walls cracked and the ceiling cracked open. He took his glaive and warhammer and climbed up to the ruin where he fell asleep. When he appeared before the county all where waiting for his return, they did not expect a change of bodies But the counts eyes remained the same, the same eyes that led the people of skelanos for ages and will do so for the future until the world is no more.

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In the depths of the tropical rainforest lives a proud race called the Janoa. The rainforest is a very dangerous place filled with impressive beasts, giant animals and poisonous plant species. It is a perfect place for medical plants to grow and also a place where great warriors flourish.

The Janoa are known for their powerful and experienced hunters. They have traditions to hunt for trophies as a means to prove their strength and to improve their social standing.The society is centered around competition,physical appearance and mental fortitude. They believe in shamans, people regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits. Typically those people enter a state of trance during their rituals and practice divination and healing, they are also renowned to be great warriors, they revel of their past kills, all will gather around to hear the stories of a Trophy Tree, where the shamans will speak of ancient times where they still had mystic powers allowing them to manipulate the forces of nature, there were also those who were enlightened in the occult force to manipulate the souls for dark reasons, all this knowledge is lost now, their connection with the world is not as strong as before.

All of that considered,there was an ordinary woman living in this tribe, and while she had the lineage of a great shaman, she herself is nothing more than a simple child-bearing wife of an ordinary hunter she loves and respects. Happy with the child growing in her womb, she was waiting for her husband to return from his hunt. In the meantime she was ornating their shelter with a trophy of the previous hunt. Hours passed and hours passed but her husband didn't return from his hunt, she knew something went wrong.

She went to search for him, but after a few hours, she noticed something strange, she did not recognize the forest around her, the forest where she grew up and where she lived. In the dark night, she saw a soft and reassuring light that was guiding her to a small glade surrounded by thousand-year-old trees. She immediately understood that she found herself in the heart of the forest. After observing the light for a while, the forest around her changed, no, it was the world that changed around her. Spirits appeared near her and the colors of the forest shifted, she knew she was in ‘the world between worlds’ ‘the world between the ones where we live and where the spirits’ live. Intense pain struck her from her womb, a strong child was waiting to walk the earth, stuck in the world between worlds all alone this pain would continue all night, a boy who was ready to be born, but would not be born easily, or at least not without a price. After long hours of pain, dawn came, the newborn too, covered in blood. Out of breath she looked at her newborn son. It seemed like there was no life in the boy. She lost too much blood. Slowly the darkness began to conceal her soul. Laying without a breath she saw all types of living beasts approach her stillborn son, all these beasts while approaching, collapsed and died, she witnessed the spirits of the beasts slowly shifting towards the her son. All around the boy there were mountain of beasts corpses and after a short while the small boy took a strong first breath. witnessing this the mother died of a blood loss, and while becoming a spirit she looked up and found her husband who died during the hunt. The child started to cry, but immediately stopped when a strange humanoid form approach him. He took him in his arms and carried him out of the glade.

Later he was found near a village, fully covered in the blood of his mother with only one beautiful black feather on his chest. He grew up in an orphanage, and was named "Stillborn" a name that appeared to be cursed. Every night he had the same dream, a dream about a strange humanoid, completely black, covered in black feathers and on his shoulders the head of a raven, a dream about the creature that took him between worlds, a world where life and death mixed.

The humanoid form always whispered the same thing to him.. "You have to avoid the collision of the two worlds, and preserve Elyria as we know it. Keep the balance,it must not be broken, you must find a being born with the permission of the spirits, there is one more in this world. This being represent the forces of nature without perceiving them,only you can carry the legacy of the shamans. Your soul must find a way even if it takes more than one lifetime." Search for the domain that proudly displays the skeletons on their banner, the one reborn from stone is who you are looking for, he commands the spirits, he will teach you the ways to grow even more powerful. As the voice got softer it silently whispered, head to skelanos the domain of the legendary, show the one who rules all your power and work towards greatness with him.

Ready to set out on his journey, as the last shaman he created an order to discover the secrets of this world, an order to discover the truth of this world, an order dedicated towards preservation and to avoid the collision of two worlds. This is how, a guild of adventurers was created. The Order of "Corvus Corax", protector of nature and souls, was born.

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