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The Ninth Mountain remains eternal

Server: Oceanus >> Kingdom: Aequitas >> Duchy: Titan's Throne >> County: The Ninth Mountain >> City: Under the Mountain

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In the heart of The Ninth Mountain county, nestled on the rugged cliffs overlooking the Serpent's Run river, Under the Mountain is a compact city built into the cliff as a foundation and enhanced by both blocky Hrothi architecture and natural Brudvir aesthetics. The cityfolk who live here are well known for their delightful duchy cuisine and exceptional weaponcrafting that is recognised throughout the kingdom.

The Sixth Arch is a broad bridge that spans the Serpent's Run and connects to the roads that stretch south and east from the city to link with the regional town delving of Otterbear Pass, whose townsfolk seek riches from deep within the earth, and then further still east to the majestic ducal capital delving of Titan's Rest.

The highway west from the city leads to the village delving of Digmorrok, a bastion of Hrothi who retain their love of the overland and bright skies while also mining the deepstone caverns beneath the Third Mountain Peaks that tower into the heavens above and mark the county and ducal border with Titan's Steppe.

Further north and west from Digmorrok, travellers will encounter the only surface town within the County named Pudoregale on kingdom maps but known as "The Knives" to county locals. "The Knives" is a prosperous town with trade coming from north and south to supply the needs of the townsfolk while fine furs, livestock and leathers are shipped to the far reaches of the kingdom via river and road.

What is seen on the county surface is only a part of the history and culture of the Ninth Mountain, because the deepstone caverns that have been excavated and populated beneath the overland hide the true wealth and strength of the Hrothi Houses - blood iron and seventh stone; to build a nation from an eternal foundation.