[Show Us Your Domain] OCE - Blackwood Fjord in the County of Amaranthia

Blackwood Fjord in the County of Amaranthia.

The trip by boat had been long and dull and it didn't take the captain long to ask about the strange passenger they had.

"So your telling me your a newly raised count and that you got to pick any County in Tylsia to rule?" the captain asks "go on and pull the other one"

"Its true" i reply "I had a choice of any County in Tylsia and i chose here"

The captain pressed me for more information about the town we were sailing too as he hadn't heard of there being a main town on the coast in this location. So i began to tell the captain how that the land around the county is plenty in game and forage thanks to the large Kypiq presence and while the wealth in this region is high there is only the main town of Blackwood Fjord and a mining hamlet of Brownden.

While some towns and forts around the area boast of great historical value and important Blackwood Fjord is more of a historical side note, the subject of coastal raids the people had grown strong instead of fearful and whispered rumors talked of Mokshin using the town as a staging ground though the truth of this rumor was never known.

Blackwood Fjord is an odd looking town, for one it is one of the last Ironwood towns on the coast before the landscape changes, there is also a river that flows into the town giving it its name, lastly is the large quarry and mine on the west side of the town. This quarry, or so the kypiqs boast, supplies the stone that built all of the main trade roads around as well as the legendary fort to the south of Astelis.

The boat pull into the coast where already the construction of a large dock is well at work, the sounds of blacksmiths fill the air and everyone in the town is busy running to one job or another and the count notes the level of construction with a smile.

As I turns to leave the captain pulls me aside.

"You never did say what you did to earn this County"

I turn and smile at the captain "No" I say "I never did"

Baron Rulke Fjord