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Arthay - In The Hands of Oceanus

"And heads will roll as traitors fall, in history's bloody stride.
Twas not the sword that did them in.
Just a gentle rising tide."

--Lyric excerpt from the bardic song ‘The Tides of Arthay’

County of Arthay, North

Prince or peasant, wayward or wise, they come from near and far to visit the Jewel that is Cadony. To talk, to trade or simply to revel in the delights of the decadent coast. In the Summer District prosperous Arthayans rub shoulders with noble foreigners and choices there echo across the lands. From Cadony ships roam the seas and return home to Arthay, bringing wealth and news from beyond Lor Voskara.

It is said that once a great city was to be found here, and that those who now reside in Arthay were its rulers. Yet now all that remains are colossal stone hands rising from the sea, dominating the bay of Arthay. Their cracked and haunting visage encase the shining waters perfectly, hinting at forgotten ruins that slumber beneath the waves. Mercifully the palms are submerged, allowing for the passage of large ships in and out of the port.

Amongst the noise of crashing waves, nestled amidst the Hands of Oceanus, two fine ships come together to meet the Council. From one direction, The Diplomacy, a flagship of Rokewood make, the finest in all of Cadony. From the other, a Royal Emissary vessel from the Kingdom of Lor Voskara, flying under the royal purple and gold.

The Hands of Oceanus in the Bay of Cadony

The High Families of Arthay take their seat upon the Council, their bannersmen called to stand witness and display their emblems; The Cat, Marsacus, Count of Arthay whose seat is the capital Cadony, city of coins and sails. The Otterbear, Rokewood, of fair Nerise of the Waterways, shipbuilders and livestock trainers. The Spider, Silk, ruler of Silkspire, keeper of bees, bringer of hope to the infirm. The Snake, Envaise, of curious Orsailles, maker of mazes and master of the hunt. Finally The Horse, Costanza of Little Pass, the vigilant bearer of blades.

Per tradition, each councillor greets the Count and sits, taking a moment to give thanks to Oceanus. The forebears of Arthay had brought each High Family here from sure ruin. When none would listen as the waves rose, only these few took heed.

The decision had been made long before today that the once Neutral Grand County of Arthay would join their Lorandorian neighbours and finally become part of the Carpentarian successor, Kingdom of Lor Voskara.

Invited guests, the Lor Voskaran entourage boards The Diplomacy, the ship creeks under the weight of history. It was here in the Hands of Oceanus that the old Paragons of Carpentaria, titans among Mann, met to formulate the fabled yet ultimately doomed plan to stave off the destruction of the old empire.

It was here that the Council once seceded from the World, declaring Arthay would lead its own dance until a worthy Monarch should rise.

Kneeling before the Xakorai Monarch, the Cat begins to recite the oath, invoking the voice of the Council. The voice of Arthay.

“In the Hands of Oceanus, in whose name this sanctuary is holy, I embody the will of Arthay.

We, the Grand County of Arthay, pledge to you Monarch Xakorai, King of Lor Voskara and Duke of the Royal Duchy of Lorandor to be true and faithful. We shall love all which you love and shun all which you shun, according to the laws of the Crown and the order of the world. Never will Arthay, by will or action, through word or deed, do any harm to you or your Kingdom.

We hereby swear our loyalty to the Monarch of Lor Voskara in good faith and without deceit. Through our oath we will be honoured to serve the Kingdom, its people and its monarch.

With this vow comes an end to our neutrality. We no longer face the trials of this world alone because we have become more than Arthay.

We are Arthay. We are Lorandor. We are Lor Voskara.”

As the tide brought the Arthayans to Carpentaria in times past, so too will it take Arthay onwards, to a prosperous future cradled by His Hands. Now though, at long last, under the banner of Lor Voskara they need not brave the tides alone.

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