Tournament of Champions Winners!

Greetings Elyrians!

Now that this year's Kickstarter-versary has come to a close, all that remains is to resolve those few matters that had to wait until the end of the event.

One such task was to name the winners of the Tournament of Champions!

Tournament Tokens

This token was for sale during our Kickstarter-versary 2019. Here's a quick recap of the item description:

This item commemorates the Tournament of Champions, the greatest martial tournament on the entire continent! Each purchase will award you with a Tournament of Champions token, and 150 EP.

Every 8 Elyrian years, the best warriors, jousters, and other combatants from across the land gather to duke it out in a series of contests and mock battles to determine who, among them all, is the very best.

Hosting the event is a matter of prestige, of course, but also of commerce: the tournament brings with it an influx of people who have come to see it first hand, and trade doesn't so much flow as flood into the settlement that hosts the event.

Normally, when the Tournament occurs on Sedecim years, it is held at the Sedecim itself, and then the host for the next tournament is decided during that same Sedecim. However, the location for the first tournament players will see after the game launches has to be decided another way since it will happen before the first Sedecim.

To make the decision, we decided on a prize drawing; we would select one token for each server, and the holder of that token -- so long as they had a settlement where the tournament could be held -- would be selected as the host of the first Tournament of Champions.

Players collected tokens throughout this event, and a token has drawn, so we at Soulbound Studios now have the results! Below are the settlements who were randomly selected to the host the first Tournament of Champions from among those who held Tournament tokens!

Each winner had to have a mayor title or above and have already claimed their settlement.

The Results

Each token had a unique ID and only one winning Token ID was selected for each of the four servers.

We generated these random results in a group setting so there would be no question as to the results outcome.

Without further delay, we present to you and offer our hearty congratulations to the following first hosts of the Tournament of Champions on their server!!!


Winner: Idioticmaddog


Winner: Retsirk


Winner: Server


Winner: Raindew

Each winner above will not only have the exclusive rights to host the first Tournament of Champions on their server in their settlement, they will also receive the following three required buildings that must be placed during Exposition.

  • A comfy Inn
  • A Tavern
  • An Arena

Note: If any of these buildings are not placed during Exposition, the right to host the tournament will be lost and given to another winner.

The above buildings will be placed into the contest winners inventory sometime before Exposition.

So there you have it, the winners have been named! Now it is time for each of them to ready themselves and their settlement for what is to come! Much planning and preparation will be required, but the outcome and results should be more than worthwhile!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event, and congrats again to all of our winners, may the tournament be ever in your favor!

Until next time,

More to come...

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Nice gratz Gin.

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Congrats to the winners!

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Congrats all

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Gratz Server!

Now you gatta introduce yourself and such.

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I'd love to learn more about these winners. Specifically, where they are located on each server. =]

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Gratz winners! Gratz Retsirk!

Now those months of planning for Tournements of all sorts can finally come to fruition in a big way!

Tryggr is happy to host this first Tournement of Champions for Selene.

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Holy 🐄! Thank you to everyone!

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Congrats to the winners!

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Who TF is Raindew? lol

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Congratulations to the winners!!!!!

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Who TF is Raindew? lol

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Congratulations to our winners!

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