Aomori of Zenmori County

Traders, explorers, scientists

visit, quest, roleplay & rest

Aomori is a seaside, riverfed ironwood city located in Mytharbor. It stands as one of the most important ports for the duchy, and capital to quaint county Zenmori.

At a Glance:

Aomori is one of two starting cities in the county Zenmori, located within Alesia. As the Capital city in such a small area, the county is in large part able to serve this city's development and maintenance.

As a neutral port, Aomori has strong ties across the continent on Luna, granting numerous visitors from Fortuna, Kairos, and Vornair a safe area to rest and restock while traversing the eastern coast. Aomori also features a river reaching deep inland, making it a primary gateway to the rest of Mytharbor.

Both residents and visitors alike find spending time in Aomori to be a pleasurable and profitable experience, owing in part to the sheer volume of work that goes into making Aomori and the county it calls home a hub for activities like questing, roleplay, dungeons, and even entrepreneurship. Whats more? We're LGBTQ+ friendly <3

Basic Benefits:

Aomori boasts numerous benefits for residents and visitors. The cooperative atmosphere, rambunctious community, and wealth of inter-kingdom connections afford numerous overarching benefits! More special features of the city and county include:

  • Over 10,000 EP is reserved for the area. Being a small area, this means a far higher average EP benefit per citizen than many domains!

  • RP hub! Aomori is a thriving hub for roleplayers, encouraging all of you who stop in to feel comfortable enjoying the game as you want to.

  • Questing! Aomori has a team dedicated to ensuring enjoyable, curated quest content is created regularly for players to engage in, moving them around and even outside of Aomori as part of earning their reward.

  • The Redwood Arena. Right on the coast and easy to access, Aomori has a full size arena that plays host to structured player versus player content, takes part in the arena circuit, and also offers up a stage for content from races to poetry competitions. The community is invited to make use of this space.

Business Benefits:

Those of you seeking your fortune will also be delighted by Aomori's economic incentives, reaching from the no-longer-humble performer to Luna's next tycoon. Among these bonuses are:

  • Land grants. Entrepreneurs are more than welcome! Visit this port city and make your dreams come true. Land granted for this purpose isn't rented, its YOURS! You help us by being a productive taxpaying citizen, and active part of the community. This doesn't ensure your business will succeed, but we have that covered too.

  • The Four Employers. Should your entrepreneurial endeavors fall flat, four employers in Aomori will always provide work to help you get back on your feet and ready for the next big business idea. These include the Continental Cartography Coalition, Iron Reverie, The Tiny Gaiwan, and Full Metal Alchemy.

  • Sirensong, a state sponsored guild. Among the top five notable professions within Aomori are the courtesans. Aomori's Sirens are its performers, plying talents of song, dance, the visual arts, and conversation alike to entertain and seduce travelers into staying one day longer. The Sirens of Aomori are valued by the city and its numerous businessmen and merchants, elevating Sirens as a special class in society. Registering as an official Aomori Siren grants special economic benefits to the entertainers, and a certificate of proof to be cited with their name and talents.

Government Benefits:

Finally, Aomori has a few special quirks that set it apart. The way it is run offers many opportunities for citizens and visitors to voice their concerns, both formal and informal.

  • Responsive leadership. You can always message the leader of Aomori and Zenmori on discord at Inkcharm#3971.

  • Connections. Aomori is firmly connected to the Talqamar, Chi's mysterious forest home, Port Royale, Kjalstead, the Continental Cartography Coalition, Kairos Bureau of Exploration, and the list goes on! As a truly inter-kingdom entity, you can always feel comfortable visiting and speaking freely. We know that Aomori may not be for everyone. By talking to us about what your domain specializes in, we can help send people passing through your way, if their personal goals seem like they'd really mesh with what your lands are all about!

  • The Green Seat. This position is an adviser chosen by the businesses of Aomori. Every business is granted votes to be used in electing someone from self-proclaimed candidates for The Green Seat. This position is called for replacement by the citizens of Aomori as needed, and in the meantime whoever holds the chair is given a unique opportunity to speak for the businesses and economic interests of citizens, with real power and influence.

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