[EU] Hirothi / Brudvir / Neran RP Starter Town

[EU] Hrothi / Brudvir / Neran RP Starter Town

Kingdom: Demalion

Dutchy: Redshore

County: Skelanos

Town: Ventis

Ventis is looking to build a community of Role Players (RP), PvP, and PvE. We are a Hirothi settlement in the northern Alpine Tundra. We welcome players to join the town as citizens or launch here until you find your feet. Ventis values the work of crafters and appreciates the expression of artists. If you settle here you can experience the joy of community along with the adventure the world of Elyria will provide. What does our town offer?

A career path for those who seek out bureaucracy at the local level Contact writers Scribes Skill advancement. Increase your skill building rate as a student in the academy. Ventis' college will offer student housing for players who plan to settle elsewhere after their education or live inside the county but don’t wish to commute.

PvP: Ventis has a mercenary mounted military with opportunities for ranged and melee riders. Military tours are given out on a contract basis allowing players to play their way along with having the benefits of being a veteran. Guards (City Peacekeeping) Soldiers (World PvP)

Merchant & Trade: the town needs merchants and tradesmen to operate and own businesses in town. Bakers & Cooks Crafters & Builders Healers & Holymen/women Vardo/Carriage Drivers Performers & Artists Hospital. Ventis will house a teaching hospital that works with the academy to provide training for our student healers as well as free health care to the Skelanos military and guards. Any player who needs care is welcome at the hospital as a patient. It is a fee per service system until notified of any government changes.

Entertainment. With the addition of a local arena, tournaments will be held to showcase feats of strength, artesians will be able to put on plays and musical concerts, and graduates of the academy will have a theatre to share their first proud academic moment with friends and family.

If you are a transient player and you don’t want to settle in any one place, put Ventis on your must-see list. Why? Ventis will have a job board posted for skilled and unskilled work. If you are a new player who needs coin, check our boards daily for contracts that will help the town and put some coin in your pocket. We will also buy materials from adventurers. Bring your hides, fish, meat or other gathered resources to be turned in for a fair trade value. If you are not sure what your place in Elyria will be, we are welcome to host you as a part of the Demalion, Redshore, Skelanos, Ventis community.

Criminals will be held accountable for their crime(s) and dealt with accordingly, so says our local Bounty Hunter and kidnapping squad.

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