2019 Kickstarter-versary rewards & gifts!

Greetings everyone!

If you had any paid off pledge package by the end of the 2019 Kickstarter-versary (this includes gifted packages) , you'll notice a few changes/additions to your inventory!

  • The 2018 Kickstarter-versary Pack bonuses have been completed. This means the "pack bonuses" item has been removed from your inventory, and your packs themselves (Adventurer, Founder, Merchant) have all been upgraded!
  • The Kickstarter-versary 2019 Milestone rewards have been awarded to everyone who qualified!
  • Your Kickstarter-versary 2019 Thank You gifts have also been deposited into your accounts!

Enjoy your gifts and rewards, and thank you once more for an incredible Kickstarter-versary!

Until next time,

More to come...

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And a thank a you

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Your appreciation is warmly received

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Thank you!

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I think the Legendary Taverns are going to have a lot of drunk patrons when the game starts.

Drink brother drink, there's no need to think.

Thanks for the rewards.

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I'm having a memory lapse. What were the pack bonuses from last year, how were they attained?

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Posted By Sylvae at 5:06 PM - Fri Oct 25 2019

I'm having a memory lapse. What were the pack bonuses from last year, how were they attained?

Last years ksv goal.

$50k: Pack Bonuses - All previously purchased backpacks (Adventurer's Pack, Founder's Pack, & Merchant Pack) will each have additional goodies added to them for any that were sold (a la carte or as part of a package) before June 1st, 2018

Cant find exactly what the goodies are though right off hand.

10/26/2019 12:43:08 AM #9

Thanks, Labbe. I appreciate the answer. I'm also wondering what they are because I'm not sure I see them in my inv.

10/26/2019 12:53:00 AM #10

Thank you very much!

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Posted By Sylvae at 02:43 AM - Sat Oct 26 2019

I'm also wondering what they are because I'm not sure I see them in my inv.

The pack bonuses got integrated into your existing packages, as you can see when you read their description now (so no new items in your inventory).

They should now contain the following extra items:

  • Pack bonuses - Each currently owned
  • Adventurer's Pack gets a Basic Camping Kit (Bedroll, Traveler's Mess Kit, Flint, Tarp, 10 meters of rope)
  • Founder's Pack gets a portable Astrolabe, a star map, and a codex of basic navigation (Pathfinding & Wayfinding Handbook)
  • Merchant's Pack gets an Uncommon Writing Set (crystal ink phial and silver nibbed quill), local market report, and codex of basic Appraisal (The Savvy Merchant's Guide to Appraisal)
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Thanks, Tani. I see it. Misunderstanding on my part.

10/31/2019 4:49:41 AM #13

Can I request for more function in inventory? It would be great if I could sort it by alphabet or by date received

It'd also be nice if we could filter it by event or category

as you can see my inventory and I think many old supporter 's inventory is currently filled with so many things in it and it is difficult to keep track of any change.

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