County of Rathemare

Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening!

Location: NA-East

Server: Luna

Kingdom: Fortuna

Duchy: Silverbrine

County: Rathemare

Did you just find Chronicles of Elyria? Are you Lonely? And you looking to be part of and build a community?


Are you just looking to join a community but want to have the autonomy to your own?

Come on by and Check out the County of Rathemare!

We are looking for people to build up a military, build up trade, and production in our County.

While working together in town and with the surrounding towns in the county to achieve greatness!

If you're the leader of a Guild/Organization looking for a place to settle your HQ or branch office.

If you aren't giant lot and are just a friend(s), and are looking to start up a Trade Company or Mining Company.

You should stop on by to the County of Rathemare

About us:

We are a community, that are looking to be a strong community driven powerhouse in the shrub steppe.

We are looking to be come a military, trading, and production powerhouse. Surrounded by a tight night community in neighboring counties and settlements. Overall we just want to have fun, we have a strong community in and outside Fortuna.

What we have to offer:

We have a Discord. -So does everyone else

Competitive Gaming Core, but not over the top serious. A mature Community.

Plenty of Events (Both inside the Dutchy and Outside) Freedom to play the game as you please

What is Needed?


A sense of humor /w thick skin

An Elyrian Package or Higher -by Settler's of Elyria

What are we seeking?



Production (Miners, Blacksmiths, and other Artisans)


Roleplayers are highly welcome*

Then head on over to our Discord: