Woods’ Relief: A Crafting Settlement

Woods’ Relief: A Crafting Settlement

About the Settlement

Location: Kingdom of Vornair, in the Duchy of Coast of Aritaur, in the County of Drake.

  • Settlement Name: Woods’ Relief

Status (updating ongoing):

  • Mayor’s Current Influence: 2450 / EP: 375
  • Leadership Council (Each Master may also have Vassals/Apprentices to help in their tasks and workings)
    • Tenant-in-Chief: Woods Family
    • Master of Arms: TBD
    • Master of Crafts: TBD
    • Master of Commerce: TBD
  • Features of the land
    • Game (Animals)
    • Forage (Gatherable Plantlife)
    • Wood (Trees)
    • Farmland
  • Current Census
    • Size: 16 – 21 Parcels
    • Population: 27-36 ^

Welcome Home

Do you have a calling to craft the grandest items anyone has ever seen or maybe you want to make your fortune in trade? Woods’ Relief is a settlement that aims to aid you in your dreams. We are a community of crafters and traders. Our goals may start small, but the dream is grandiose.

I am the Mayor of this fair settlement. While my name is not yet known, my family has worked this land for generations. The Woods family has a dream of building one of the most respected settlement in Luna, but we know that we can’t do this on our own. This is where you come in. With your name, your skill, and your loyalty; I know we can both find our dreams and grow them to unheard of highs.

Our Dream

Starting down this path is not an easy one and the journey will be hard. To help you better understand if joining our settlement is the correct path for yourself, I have laid out a framework for this governance.

The Philosophy

  • While we are servant to the kingdom and the lords of the land, we are a free people. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Freedom of movement. No person shall impede on your right to move freely and un-harassed if you are abiding to the laws of the land.
    • Freedom of Market. You have sole ownership of all goods you bring to the market. This will not exclude yourself from payment of dues or taxes. You must also abide by the laws of the land when it come to commerce.
    • Freedom of Appeal. If you are found operating outside the means of the law, you have the “Rights of Appeal”. You will be able to plead your case to a council of your peers or the Leadership Council.
  • While some will have the means to grow their dreams faster than others, all peoples will have a chance to grow in standing. As you show a willingness and an effort to expand and grow the settlement, you will also find that you will grow in standing among the people and the Leadership Council. You may find that a simple Bower is now Vassal to the Master of Crafts or even Master of Crafts themselves.

The Law

  • All peoples are subject to the laws of land, set by the King and the Lords & Ladies.
  • All agreements made to other settlements will be honored by the peoples of Woods’ Relief. This can include trade, travel, and land treaties and agreements.

As the settlement grows so shall the rule of law.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is a group of citizens who have a strong drive to build and expand upon the dream that is Woods’ Relief. Below is an overview of what each role should encompass. All roles are bound to change overtime. All roles can be held by a single person or by a family of the settlement. Each member of the council will be paid based on taxes collected.

  • Tenant-in-Chief: This is the highest point of leadership in the settlement. All other roles are just under this role. Tenant-in-Chief is not a king. While some things may require solely the Tenant-in-Chief other will require the whole of the Leadership Council (IE: Rights of Appeal). Tenant-in-Chief is also the only role who can invite another person or family to sit in any open Leadership Council seat.
  • Master of Arms: Is the chief administrative officer of police and military. This role will have limited control of tax and law but chief enforcer of both. Master of Arms will be the head of settlement defenses and military. While in this role, you by default hold the title of “General”.
  • Master of Crafts: Is the chief administrative officer of all professions of crafting and land development. This role will also have control over builders and building development. While in this role, you by default hold the title of “Keeper”.
  • Master of Commerce: Is the chief administrative officer of all things trade. In this role you will help create and expand into trade with other settlements and within our settlement. This role will also expand into settlement banking. While in this role, you by default hold the title of “Treasurer”.
  • Vassals/Apprentices: This are roles set under each leadership role. They are created as needed and for the need of the Master. Each Master may choose as many Vassals or Apprentices they may need and can afford to pay for.


All leadership roles are open.

The Future

The game is still in early development. This means that game mechanics will change and be updated. As this happens the planning of this settlement will change to meet the game’s requirements.

You can support this settlement in a few ways.

  • You can comment here and ask me questions that will help you better understand this settlement. This will also help me to better flesh out the details of this settlement.
  • You can join the discord channel (Link will be added in the future). This will help you keep up to date on the in and outs of the settlement.
  • You can gift me EP or Villager tokens. This will help with the creation of the settlement in the exposition phase of the game. These would be gifts, with no expectations of claim or reward.
  • Use my Friend code: F790F5

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