[EU] The City of Tauros

The City of Tauros

The industrious city of Tauros lies deep in the mountain where the mighty river Crasus flows and is connected to its neighbouring cities via a vast roadnetwork built by its own construction guild the Wayfarers.

They were the first people to settle in the town, because this river is the perfect connection to the northern shore of the Selene and they realized that this position will lead them to greatness for them and their families.

Crasus is the towns major water source which is used in various ways. The towns small trading post has a pier where the river exits the town, mighty watermills can be seen everywhere along its riverbanks, and the proud wayfarers have built two great brigdes that are named after the families that are most important to the town. But the centerpiece of the city are the Copperfaced the members of the tinkerers guild, which create fascinating gadgets and constructs, that are sought after across the continent!

It is the dreamland for all engineers and a technological marvel, that should be at least visited, if not chosen as ones home.

Our two Guilds are:

*Copperfaced (Tinkerers)

*Wayfarer (Construction)

We currently have 2 Guilds in our city but more are always welcome!

Interested in joining us? or do you have more questions, please join our discord: (PS. pls tag me with @AlschinatorÖ¨)