The Hegemony of Greater Brineia

The Hegemony of Greater Brineia

Kingdom: Tyria

Location: Northern Brineian Desert


Founding Thesis:

In order to secure a better, more prosperous future for the Waerd of the Northern Brineian desert, the Hegemony of Greater Brineia has been established with the intent purpose of securing a trade route East and increasing the prosperity of the local Waerd.


The Hegemony of greater Brineia was initially founded on a partnership between Count Roderick Sturm and Countess Alia Obic to ensure mutual success in the Northern regions of the desert. The agreement gradually evolved into a large state sponsored trade organization aiming to make the region prosperous and a major part of Tyrian economics. Various businesses, mercenary groups, manufacturing, and mining groups have pledged since that time expanding the scope of the agreement into a prosperity project for the whole Northern Desert.


The Hegemony of the Greater Brineian desert is established for the express purpose of increased cooperation between member counties, organizations, businesses and groups in the Northern Brineian desert in order to further the prosperity of the local region.

Member Counties

-The County of Mournstead

-The County of Aquiba

Member Cities/Towns/Villages

-Queen’s Gaze (City)

-Aquibadad (Seaside City)

-Two-Fold College (Town Delving)

-Boneweaver’s Crest (Town)

-Ursus Arctos (Town)

-Am’mahal (Town)

-Greysun End (Fort)

-Edgewick (Village)

-Naughton (Village Delving)

-Tajir Misa (Village Delving)

Member Businesses

-Two-Fold Armory

-Acoma Wainwright and Carpentry

-Write This Way (Stationery)

-Lost No Longer (Cartography)

-Sweet Beesiness (Beekeeper)

-Cackling Crow Tavern

-International Trade Mapping Co. (Trading and goods management)

-The Baylor Barn (Ranch)

Member Groups

-Two Fold College

-Peritia Academic Society

-The Harmattani Mercenary Group

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