[NA-E] Village of Slake, The Solaris Confederation

Some people yearn to fight in battles and earn glory for them and their homeland. Others are the homeland.

In a land nestled between hills of stone and jungle, fish in a lake and forage to gather, is the village of Slake where the people live simple lives, gathering the fruits of the earth and the stone of the hills to bring forth and nurture the homeland that our brave brothers and sisters live and die to protect.

Inland and removed from the rigors of border life, the village of Slake is on a freshwater pond at the edge of Tir Slaes in the Duchy of Cremoria, Solaris Confederation. Its primary industries are stone from its quarries and food from wild game. Game meats are supplemented by forage and fish and jungle farming, with wood present to support building and growth.

The focus of the village is food production in support of ourselves, our neighbors, our county, and beyond.

Village Headman, village of Slake, county of Tir Slaes, Duchy of Cremoria, The Solaris Confederation.