The settlement of Menyar

Domain Owner: Baron Drednark Drake County Name: The City Delving of Menyar (Formerly Whitepark) Location: Kingdom of Vornair, Duchy of Dawn's Reach, County of Longford Primary Industry: Mining Biome: Alpine Coniferous Forest Estimated Size: 49-66 parcels Features: Most Abundant: Farmland, Second-Most Abundant: Game. Estimated Population: 154-209 Estimated Wealth: Average Tribes: Hrothi (75%), Brudvir (4%), Neran (19%), Kypiq (1%) Top Professions: Miner, Quarrier, Livestock Keeper, Constable, Mason Notable Professions: Monk, Dungeoneer, Author, Carver, Blacksmith Notes from the Owner: I am a fair leader, I will primailry focus on The military for my county and duchy. looking for people that can handle there own but i am more than willing to help with your dreams in COE. If you want to join the ranks or just settle down and make a profession then just message me on discord at EliteSmasher117#6954](