[NA-E] {Bordweall} County of Stonehampton

Kingdom: Bordweall

Duchy: Bloodbole

County: Stonehampton

Seeking: Players of all types!

Looking to trade? Want to sail grand rivers and the high seas? Maybe looking for some PVP? Then come check out the County of Stonehampton!

Stonehampton is a growing community of friendly players looking to excel in all areas, either it be civil or military industries! Located in the border region of the Kingdom of Bordweall there will be plenty of room for pvp and trade alike. The county itself plans to focus on trade and defense, setting up trade routes with Fortuna, Alesia, and across the seas to Vornair. However, being on the border will likely allow for plenty of conflict! So whether you want to sail the high seas, craft beautiful items, or prove yourself on the battlefield, we have a place for you in Stonehampton! If you are interested, feel free to join the discord or contact Count Talhawkins!

Count NA-E Friend Code D8E9A4