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Astyria - [NA-E]

Kingdom of Bordweall - Duchy of Bloodoak - County of Novigrad (Dragivon)


Welcome to the Village of Astyria! We are recruiting people interested in both PVP and PVE, especially those who want to hunt, work with leather, cure meat, and raise rideable mounts. We also welcome people who want to uphold the law and fight on mounts in war.

We are currently looking for more citizens and gentry! If you're interested, you can contact me on this site or via my discord, the link being at the bottom of the post.

Nestled in a ring of hills and on a vast lake, Astyria has been home to only a single people: the Astyr.

Land of Astyria

The Astyr

Centuries old, the Village of Astyria was built by a womann called Esla, who brought her people to the valley in the search of a new home.

Until a century ago, Astyria was a gateway to the past. The Astyr were both feared and respected by their stoic adherence to the old Neran Faedin faith, their culture resembling something unseen in the modern era. They kept to their equestrian roots, raising horses and other mounts to use in patrols and hunting. They cared for the wildlife living in the valley, never hunting in excess.

During the Great War of 674, Astyria was beaten and inhabited by Xeilian troops. Its people were expelled, and it was used as a base for almost a decade as the war in Bloodoak slowed to a halt.

Those who escaped during the fighting fled South, into the land of the Legacios. They sought out the reigning Legacio, Lord of Blood Gate and Count of Novigrad, to pledge their service in exchange for the liberation of their home. They agreed, and in turn every fighting age Astyr was drafted into the Novigrad militia.

A farm boy named Deric rose through the ranks, eventually becoming a Captain and leading his own menn into battle. He is credited for liberating Astyria from Xeilian occupation, and even fighting in the Battle of Dawn. He returned to his former home, rebuilt Astyria, and his kin, House Theodoric, still lead their people a century later as Elders.

The Council

As in times of old, the landholders of Astyria hold special privileges, one being a seat on the Council of Elders. The Council decides on different internal and external policies, such as waging war, sale of new plots of land, and yearly use of tax income. Presence is only mandatory during times of duress, and in such circumstances the vote of an absent Elder will be overridden.

The Chosen

Famous for assisting Esla in her search for a new home, ‘The Chosen amongst Menn’ protected Astyria from assault for centuries. Mounted warriors donning heavy leather and wielding weapons of iron and later steel, the Chosen were terrifying in antiquity. While their armor may fail sooner than Neran steel and To’resk paper, they more than make up for this in ferocity and determination.

The main purpose of the Chosen is patrols of the surrounding area in search of bandits and other agents of lawlessness. If a particularly horrid creature rears its head, the Chosen will be sent to cut it off. During times of war, the Chosen are reorganized into cavalry divisions under the Elder of Astyria to be used at the Count’s discretion.

The Novigrad Rangers

Invited after the vassalization of Astyria under the County of Novigrad, the Novigrad Rangers assisted the Chosen for the last century as law enforcement. They work together whenever possible concerning crime, and both groups present should guarantee the security of the hills for traders and citizens alike.

Beaten but never Broken

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