If I could have any Talent ....

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While we already have a growing list of Talents, we wanted to give you an opportunity to tell us what you think would be an amazing talent to have. Reply to this thread and complete this sentence:

My character can .....

8/5/2015 2:35:51 AM #1

Tame powerful beasts. that includes riding them, using them in battle or having them as a house pet (wouldn't having a massive beast as a house pet look awesome!?)

8/5/2015 3:03:23 AM #2
  • tree-walk - like dryads that can blend into the tree and travel through forest just to emerge out of the other tree
  • enhance other's work, so the outcome would be just a bit better than without that aid
  • sense/see history of the place in which person currently is - something similar to memories of the stone / place - would be interesting in playing a detective, security guard, or historian, archeologist
  • sense earth objects- being able to sense to some degree what is hidden beneath the surface (minerals, objects, caves, underground rivers)
  • forecast the weather
  • infuse items with my own blood - being able to sacrifice own health (maybe even lifespan) in order to enhance items (could be officially banned as one of dark magic arts)
  • benefit from sun (sun affinity) - ability to recover from minor wounds / diseases/ fatigue by exposing yourself to direct sun (can have a counter effect in you spend too much time indoor/inside caves)
  • shape material - ability to make material grow/ bend/ form into desired form without cutting, combining - you might be able to create some objects from solid material without knitting, joining, forging
  • see future - ability to foresee ones future (be it short or long term event)
  • innovate things - being a person just out of this era, having some tiny chance on innovations and discovering new ways or even new things
  • become immune to elements - being able to survive and function more or less normally in dangerous zones (under water, in fire, under earth, in poison clouds and so)
  • read minds - discover minor / major secrets or just tell if someone is lying
  • change skin colours as a chameleon - perfect "predator like" camouflage
  • levitate - low height floating with or without the means of intentional movement

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8/5/2015 3:15:05 AM #3

that cool but what about stuff like

psychokinesis(also like levitate) or pyrokinesis

or turn into monsters


and maybe like one talent thats a 0.0000000001 chance to have invincibilty, a power literally made to rule. it may not come for a few years, hell! it may never come but imagine a power, and when the power comes out a whole massive war breaks out between players(wait kinda got sidetracked)


8/5/2015 3:18:49 AM #4

What about? Nothing really :-) Just post as many ideas as you wish.

I can bet that most of them are already on Caspian's list, but I do hope that we might surprise him at least few times.

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8/5/2015 3:34:46 AM #5

Essance Absorbtion - Upon taking a preset loss of health draw in life essence from all living matter around you to provind healing for 30% of max health. Manifestation is in the form of drawing heat to yourself and freezing everything in a preset diameter which also slows attacking enemys by 75% to allow for your escape.

Kinetic Healing - Upon taking a preset loss of health become crystalize for count down timer. Each strike from enemy heals by intended damage. At end of timer crystal shatters stunning all enemies in a preset diameter.

Spirit Walking - Settle into a trance state to free spirit to leave body to go unseen to scout around for a set time. Upon return to body be valnerable with all stats reduced by 50% for a set time.

Gift of Glamour - When gift is called upon alluring skills are unavoidable to members of the opposite sex. Will give items or do task for you for preset time. If member of same sex is near you at use of gift they become distrustfull and aggitated.

8/5/2015 3:41:17 AM #6

At some point I'll take the best suggestions and put them up on a poll. Top voted items I hadn't thought of will earn the originator Influence.

Fair warning, I've been thinking about these for 5 or so years so it won't be easy.

8/5/2015 3:46:15 AM #7

Challenge accepted!



Silv? Where are you, there is a job to be done! ]:->

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8/5/2015 4:00:24 AM #8

  • twist and reshape my body to be able temporary to squeeze into tiny palces / between bars
  • mimic other peoples appearance to some point (doppelganger skill)
  • sacrifice part of my life to bring back dead
  • create magic paintings / gobelins that bound by the magic create the presented place in some sub-dimensional realm, thus allowing travel to such place
  • have a "good hand" in growing crops/ breeding animals, maybe creating new breeds
  • can plot nautical course like he spend few lives on the sea (even on uncharted waters he never loses his way)

    UPDATE No 1
  • Manipulate time, slow or increase time flow in small proximity
  • Can live twice as long / age slower
  • Do not visually age after 30 y/o - a wannabie for all ladies :-)
  • Has additional eye / limb
  • Can see objects up to the horizon line
  • Has some skills in voodoo magic - puppet making, curses
  • Can communicate with other souls and request some information / aid
  • Can negate effect of other talents in his proximity
  • See the energy aura of other beings good / evil / neutral / happy / sad / confused... 
  • Has a spirit companion
  • Can call for an aid of elements / animals
  • Can sense where is and if everything is OK with his soul mate
  • Can posses a body of permadead player
  • Has 9 lives and transforms upon death to a cat form for X days time
  • Is able to hide small objects inside his body (in arms, legs, belly)
  • Has night vision
  • Has master chef skills and can prepare food out of everything that can be foraged
  • Can memorize maps that well that after X time no longer needs them
  • Can create a strong glue from his skin to bind all items he wears for next X time

    Update No 2
  • Possess the talent of defeated person for X time
  • To live life backwards - start in old age and become younger (standard skill development occurs but aging effects and skill atrophy due aging will be reversed) Character at some point becomes to young to be a playable character and becomes NPC (this might be a onetime talent, as I do not know if people would enjoy that over several years) Or maybe this could be a "bounce" talent? 1st life old->young 2nd life normal aging, 3rd life similar to 1st.
  • Instead of aging, character becomes less and less attached to the realm becoming ethereal person and in the very end losing his physical form (end of gameplay)
  • Firestarter, can become hot as hell, that all objects character touches burst into flame (current equipped and flammable gear including)
  • Dark/Blessed soul destiny, player actions have a negative/positive impact on the world, as his actions are the catalyst to some bad/good events in the game
  • Midas touch
  • Be skilled in catching and dressage of wild horses


This post will be edited with more ideas later (just to save forum space)

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8/5/2015 4:01:21 AM #9

im going with the invincibilitly power- whether you guys put it on or not- the chance-really really low 0.0000000001- that one person is literally born to rule the moment they step into this game...honestly it excites me whether its me or not it just really excites me and i dont really care about originator influence but i would love it as a talent

8/5/2015 4:03:40 AM #10

the ability to to merge part of your souls or some one elses power into that you own or are crafting weapons or armor 

8/5/2015 6:24:58 AM #11

This is a big job, I'm getting around to it haha.

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8/5/2015 1:40:54 PM #12

I think a lot of the talents that come to my mind really depend on how the rest of the world works. So I think several could quickly be discounted if they related to mechanics that are not present in the game. My initial ideas were:

Talent Spotter - Allow the talented individual to perform a ritual to identify any un-triggered talents in another player. Obviously this is not something you want to be able to be performed on every player so the ritual would require various artefacts that would be challenging to obtain. It could also be very draining on the Talent Spotter meaning there would be a cool down on when they could next perform the ritual without impacting their own life. Any talent identified would then show on the character select screen but shrouded in mist and still could not be used unless triggered, it would however protect it from being ‘rebalanced’ by the game engine.

Tracker - Allow the talented individual to more easily track their prey. As long as you went somewhere they had previously been (the location of your maimed corpse perhaps) will can choose to activate your ability, choose your prey and misty clouds marking the direction to their current position will appear. The older the track the fainter and further apart the clouds of mist making it more difficult to find your prey. I originally thought about it showing the actual path they had taken but that would require a lot of data storages you would have to save the routes of every person.

Cupid - Would be able to change another players soul mate. The ritual could be carried out with or without the player in questions permission. The talented individual could either write in the name of another player if they had someone in mind, or choose a different random individual. This could also affect players that had already found their soul mate. I have no idea what soul mates are, how they work, or the effect, but players manipulating the lives of others always sounds fun!

I think the Talent Spotter is my favourite of the three and could make for a very powerful individual.

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8/5/2015 2:46:38 PM #13

Bone Mancer- Manipulate your own bones into weapons and heal extreamly fast from broken bones. 

Master of Grafity: Ability to make objects heavier/lighter, to fly and to CRUSH your enemies.

Spirit Barier: Create barriers and platforms. 

Soul Tracker: Ability fo find anyone you know the "true name" of

Stone Sleep: Turn into a stone stature at will. When in this state you are impossible to kill, but you can't move at all. 

Berserker: Dubble in health and strength for a short period of time.  

The Plague: Spread a variaty of different diseases (debuffs)

Nimble Hands: Get better results with crafts and pickpocketing. 

Shadow walker: Turn into a shadow. 

WARNING: The above post may contain sarcasm and/or sophisticated satire. Any psychological damage sustained is purely your fault!

8/5/2015 4:57:15 PM #14

Extrasensory Perception – Provides the soul with the ability to sense people/monsters even when they’re not in direct line of sight within a set radius.

  • In-game a player with this Talent would see a marker (outline of the body) to indicate the presence of a person/monster who is out of direct line of sight
  • The further the person/monster is in proximity to the user the less vivid and obvious the marker would be
  • As the Extrasensory Perception Talent evolves the user will be able to differentiate between PCs, NPCs, OPC and monsters and the detection radius will grow

Night Vision – Provides the soul with the ability to see better in the dark.

Predator Vision – Provides the soul with the ability to see the heat signature of players/monsters.  This includes foot prints which can be used for tracking.  The heat left by foot prints would diminish over time.

Explorers Clairvoyance – Provides the soul with the ability to sense hidden objects and paths that would usually go unnoticed.

Hunters Clairvoyance – Provides the soul with the ability to hear movement further away.  When eyesight is poor such as at night or in a dingy cave players with this Talent will be able to hear the movement of players/monsters who are out of sight.  This could be from the rustling of leaves from foraging animals, to footsteps, to the snarls of beasts lurking in the darkest depths of caves.

Flash/Lightening Step – Using lightening fast footwork the player is able to dodge all attacks while this Talent is active making the user immune to incoming damage.  This does however leave the player unable to counter or perform any other actions.


More to come...

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8/5/2015 4:58:37 PM #15

Teaching would be a fun talent.

I'm sad that no one has mentioned any basic talents, everyday talents ;(

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