29 July

Website v2.0.8 deployed!

By Caeoltoiri

Hey everyone! Thanks to the efforts of our locum tenentes web developers, we're happy to announce that website version 2.0.8 is live. Included are the following fixes/changes:

  • Autofocus on textbox
  • Error styling on failed registration page
  • Pagination on the bottom of topics
  • Wider scrollbars
  • Improved New Topic Page
  • Many mobile issues fixed
  • Discussion box on news page in the right place
  • Lightbox opens when you click anywhere in an image, not just the magnifying glass
  • Nex/Prev buttons re-added to lightbox
  • Image descriptions added to the bottom of all images.
  • Improved styling for quotes

As a note, you might need to hit [CTRL/CMD]+[Shift]+[R] to clear your cache, as some of the CSS might be outdated in your browser. A good way to check whether you need to or not is to look at the media page -- if you don't see a line of text situated at the bottom of the images, clearing your cache would be a good idea.

Also, our new web developer starts Monday!