20 February

Chronicles of Elyria hits 25k Community Members!

By Caspian

Earlier today one of our community members, Rahunei, posted an informational post on imgur.com that quickly went viral. As of this announcement, we've received roughly 2,000 new accounts in one day as a result of his post and loads more publicity in addition to that. His imgur.com post has received over 10,000 points and over 150,000 views! From those of us at Soulbound Studios to Rahunei: "Thank you!"

But obviously not all of those 25,000 accounts were Rahunei's doing. Indeed, there are several on our Influence chart who also deserve an honorable mention. Vuxxy, BicycleWalrus, Frithgar, Zultra, Maygus, VictoriaRachel, and Deffcon_1 have in most cases both recruited a lot of people to our community, as well as continued to give back, airing videos, discussion panels, moderating, doing Q&As, and more. From all of us, to you guys, thanks for your continued support.

And to the rest of the community, we know there are now 10's of thousands of you out there who are visiting our website, sharing our screenshots, liking us on Facebook, and telling your friends about what we're doing here with Chronicles of Elyria. Thank you all. Your continued support means the world to us and helps us build confidence we're providing you with the game you want to play, and if you're like us, the game you've dreamed about over a decade.

When we made our announcement of Chronicles of Elyria back in July of 2015 we had a goal of having 20k accounts by the end of January. We achieved that.

When we saw that January was coming to a close, but knew it was too soon to launch our Kickstarter, we set another internal goal of having 50k accounts by the end of May. When we first did that it seemed aggressive, almost impossible that we'd be able to more than double our accounts in just half the time.

But, after having seem the community's response to Rahunei's post, we're convinced that with more screenshots, our upcoming game-play videos, tech videos, and offline playable demo, with your help we can easily achieve our goal of 50k accounts by the end of May.

So as we move into the second half of February we'll be releasing a new, updated version of the website with more technology, more media, and more ways for the community to get involved and help us make this game amazing. Among other things it'll fix many of the known bugs with the forums, and will provide a nice, responsive, mobile version of the website.

As we move into March we'll also be releasing tech videos, possibly some lore videos, and of course, game-play videos. When we do, we need your help in sharing those out, so that people can see all the hard work we're doing to create an unparalleled, genre-defining game.

To close this announcement out, Soulbound Studios continues to grow and now has more than a dozen team members. We have artists, animators, programmers, designers, sounds engineers, composers, and outreach folk - all of which who are passionate about the project and dedicated to its success. And more than anything, we love getting to know and interacting with you, our players.

So if you haven't already, make sure to register on our website so you can participate in our forums, join us in IRC chat, or just send us a message on Facebook. But whatever you do, say hello and let us know how excited you are to begin writing your own... Chronicles of Elyria.

Jeromy "Caspian" Walsh
Owner/Creative Director
Soulbound Studios