31 December

Winners of the Lost Vault!

By Serpentius

Happy New Year's Eve Elyria!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks as the Chronicles of Elyria community participated in our final event of 2018, Raiders of the Lost Vault, where players helped crown a new Monarch for the Oceania server.

Additionally, there were Grand prize and Runner-up prizes for all other servers, plus individual player rewards and server specific rewards to be had! Add to that the Immortal Vault Raids, and there was a lot to be joyous and thankful for this holiday season.


With no further delay, I present to you the tentative winners of the Lost Vault Event!

(Note: These results will be confirmed as final after we've had a chance to verify all data.)

Oceania (OCE)

The Grand prize winner and the new Monarch of Oceania is:


The Runner-up winner on Oceania and claimant to the crown is: Ithikari

Congratulations to you both, huzzah!

Angelica (NA-W)

The Grand prize winner (Sunstone) on Angelica (NA-W) is HuldricFranconian

The Runner-up winner (Royal) on Angelica (NA-W) is SellayneDarkholm

Luna (NA-E)

The Grand prize winner (Sunstone) on Luna (NA-E) is Nimb

The Runner-up winner (Royal) on Luna (NA-E) is Bombastus

Selene (EU)

The Grand prize winner (Sunstone) on Selene (EU) is GhettoMaster

The Runner-up winner (Royal) on Selene (EU) is Darhk

Congratulations to everyone!

Server specific rewards:

After player votes were tallied, here are the rewards each server will receive:

Oceania earned: Increased Wealth + Cinder Concrete
Angelica earned: Increased Wealth + Cinder Concrete
Luna earned: Increased Wealth + Cinder Concrete
Selene earned: Increased Wealth + Cinder Concrete

Increased Wealth: The vault's treasures infuse your server with opulence! All starting capital cities will have their wealth increased by 1 rank, which has the effect of increasing the population, number of buildings, and quality of furniture and other appointments.

Cinder Concrete Discovered: The vault reveals the ratios necessary to create a type of concrete using ash, described as being strong enough to build across a great ravine or for twenty stories. It is a recipe master masons are proud to advertise.

All-player rewards:

All players who participated in the event and had a pledge package before the event closed earned:

  1. A Pure Gold Ingot - Despite the odds, you are able to get your hands on a pure gold ingot found in the vault. Any appraiser will tell you its worth a hefty sum! All players with an Elyrian package or higher get this reward.

  1. Replica Combination Lock - A clever portable lock mechanism is found in the vault and tinkerers reverse engineer it. The pattern is a closely guarded secret by master tinkerers, but the mechanism itself is commercially available. All players with an Elyrian package or higher get this reward.

In conclusion

There still some finalizing and awarding to occur, please be patient as the team is coming back from holiday.

  • Grand prize and runner-up prize winners will receive their awards before Domain and Settlement Selection
  • Server-Wide prizes will be incorporated into world generation and, in the case of settlement wealth, will be reflected during Domain & Settlement Selection
  • Individual player rewards (Gold Ingot, etc..) will be awarded prior to launch
  • The #lost-vault-event Discord channel will close very soon

We may decide to share some statistics from the event, but we need some time to collect them and make that decision. You should hear more from us by next week.

Big congratulations to all of the winners!!!

Thank you for being a part of this awesome event, have a wonderful New Year and we'll talk to you very soon!