1 October

The Kickstarter-versary rounds turn 3!

By Serpentius

Hail Elyrians!

Well, you've done it again! We set goals in front of you and you smashed them ALL! You smashed them hard enough that we literally had to scramble for a set of new goals to challenge you with... and you're busy smashing right through those even as I type this! To say that we're overawed is an understatement. The outpouring of support you have shown Chronicles of Elyria is nothing short of miraculous and there is very little in this world we can hold as dear. Our gratitude is inexpressible, but please accept a very humble and awed THANK YOU from all of us at Soulbound Studios.

As part of saying thank you even more deeply, every community member with a paid-off pledge package by the end of the event will receive an additional gift of a Drasean Tea set at the end of the promotion.

So, speaking of goals what have you all beat so far? Let's check out the hit list:

--- The Original Goals ----

  • The Clock
  • The Rock Lantern
  • The Travel Stone
  • The EP Store Voucher
  • Marked Accounts
  • Ao's Coin
  • Glider Technology
  • Cannibalism
  • Astral Dreaming

---- New goals start here ----

  • Hunter's Cloak
  • Double Rare
  • Hot House
  • Seed Your Destiny

All told, you smashed through 12 of 14 goals in two weeks' time! There are only two more goals left, the subterranean Volcanic Ecotope and the Adventure Islands, and you have two whole weeks to knock those down!

What are we going to do when you smash past them, too?! There's only one way to find out...

This Week's Limited Items

This week, six new items will be available in the store:



See the world from a different perspective!

Note: Soulbound Studios are not responsible for harm to life or limb, or affronts to various gods, virtues, or spirits that may be caused by the use of this device.

Woolly Mountain Goat

Woolly Mountain Goat

Though known primarily for their stolid defense and nigh impenetrable shield walls, the Hrothi do understand the value of mobility. In fact, almost no war mount is as nimble and unpredictable as the War Goat, also known as the Woolly Mountain Goat. War goats are small-sized mounts, perfectly suited to the Hrothi, but they can be ridden by determined Kypiq as well!

Only a fool fails to fear the Wooly Mountain Goat, or the Hrothi that ride them!

Note: Mounts can be ridden by tribes that are one size larger, or smaller than the mount, meaning this small mount can be ridden by extra small (such as the Kypiq), small (such as the Hrothi), and medium tribes (such as the Neran, Waerd, and To'resk).

Rainforest Farming Kit

Mire Farming Kit

Take advantage of the of the reliable rainfall and lush conditions to grow your produce!



Nothing says "I want to tear down the walls you've built around you" like a trebuchet.

Get right to the heart of the matter (or the fort, or the stronghold), with your very own trebuchet!

Heavy Sedecim Wear

Heavy Sedecim Wear

Who says staying warm means you can't shine?

An Invitation to Adventure

An Invitation to Adventure

The invitation to adventure is a unique category of item; representing not a specific object, but an opportunity -- a literal invitation to an adventure. Each one represents a mystery and, potentially, a unique treasure or piece of knowledge to be discovered. Only if, of course, you are brave enough to heed to the call and clever enough to solve the mystery that calls you. The invitation is different for each player, but it always results in the opportunity to experience the more dangerous, and oft-times wondrous, elements of the World of Elyria for your character. The question is, will you accept the invitation and embark on an adventure that is sure to be a unique element of your character's own narrative in the world of Elyria?

Remember, these items will only be available this week in our store, but the promotion will last two more weeks! That means that next week, we'll have a whole new suite of items and opportunities for you!

Straight up humbled by your support,

The Soulbound Studios Staff