Influence rewards have been granted!

Hello Elyrians!

A quick head's up:

If you've been active in the community - participating in a positive way on the forums, creating community content, running contests, moderating, keeping our public wiki up to date, or doing other things, you may find you've been rewarded with additional Influence, and of course, matching store credit.

Go to the Online Store to check to see if you've received store credit!

Thank you for your engagement in our community <3

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4/20/2019 11:48:05 PM #1

Thank you so much ^.^ Glad we can contribute and help!

4/21/2019 12:25:45 AM #2

Cheers SBS, hoping this really isn't the last roll out.

4/21/2019 12:55:22 AM #3

Nice! TY.

4/21/2019 1:02:47 AM #4

Thanks! It's few more $ I didn't have before.

4/21/2019 1:23:03 AM #5

Thanks for this!

It was a lot more than I was expecting

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Friend code: 23F484.

4/21/2019 1:35:26 AM #6

Already spent it :(

4/21/2019 2:03:55 AM #7

Waaay more than I was hoping! Thank you SbS! <3

4/21/2019 3:17:27 AM #8

Neat! Thanks! :D

4/21/2019 3:22:48 AM #9

Certainly very generous, and much appreciated!

4/21/2019 3:43:09 AM #10

And here I wasn't even expecting anything.

4/21/2019 3:53:22 AM #11



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4/21/2019 3:59:47 AM #12

Much appreciated <3

4/21/2019 4:07:58 AM #13

Thanks! I didn't expect anything. <3

4/21/2019 6:16:39 AM #14

Thank you! I got pretty much what I expected. Hopefully this wasn't the last reward rollout :)

4/21/2019 6:51:29 AM #15

I must applaud SBS on this. Very generous, and definitely promotes community activity.

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