[NA-E] City of Brighthaven


“A beacon for those that stand in darkness.”

Kingdom of Kairos

Duchy of Cremoria

County of Forgeborne



Economic Development. Infrastructure. Trade Center.

Brighthaven is a city for all those who wish to excel, to reach the pinnacle, to be the inspiration and motivators of all those who would aspire to the same heights. A city of good and virtue, we will uphold the beliefs of the Kingdom of Kairos.

Brighthaven will be primarily an economic heart for Forgeborne County, a county devoted to industry and the production of armaments, and will seek to be the heart that circulates its goods. This is a considerable undertaking though, so all will be necessary for this shining city to flourish.


Structured. Driven. Insightful.

Fierywind Empyrean, mayor of Brighthaven, will do his best to ensure that every single citizen has the structure he or she needs to excel in an efficient manner. He will be available and driven to work hands-on with any projects that will be of benefit to Brighthaven. He will be insightful in appointments and planning, so you as a citizen can rest assured that those put in charge of projects and administration will be fair and competent.

Recruitment Guidelines

Good Attitude. Mature. Active.

Brighthaven seeks above all else those with good attitudes, often the foundation for success in any field. It will be a home for those of all walks of life, and so maturity will be called for and valued. Activity will be recognized and rewarded, as it benefits the entirety of Brighthaven and its citizens.


Empyrean Origins

Brighthaven was once founded by the Empyreans, a family of settlers that struck out with a sense of adventure and hope that they would find a prosperous land to call home, in a far away land. This land had been recently created by the Gods, and was the destination of the Empyreans after a long, arduous journey. This would be the city of their dreams and ideals, a city to shine on those that stand in darkness, a city of hope. They labored long and hard hours to work the land, and flourished - for a time. Eventually the Gods themselves abandoned the land, leaving it to decay. The Empyreans slowly drifted apart, as some abandoned the land, and yet others refused to give up their dream, deciding to embrace the slim hope of the Gods returning.

Eventually, one Empyrean made it to this land of Elyria, and he decided that here Brighthaven will once again shine on the darkness of the land, being a beacon for those that strive for success. For Brighthaven!

Mayor of Brighthaven, economic heart of Forgeborne County. A city is founded on its people, and Brighthaven is seeking all those who wish to succeed!

"The sinews of war are infinite money." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

7/20/2018 6:15:49 AM #1

Looking forward to seeing what you bring to Kairos!

7/20/2018 7:34:27 AM #2

love to see more of the lore, wish ya best of luck :thumbsup:

10/26/2018 3:04:23 AM #3

Def one of the mayors id expect to see a lot of success from. Great person to align with for anyone looking for a home.

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10/26/2018 4:10:10 AM #4

Fiery is a great Mayor! I look forward to see how Brighthaven grows in the future!

12/29/2018 5:27:56 AM #5

This town has a bright future

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