The Grand County of Evendusk

The Grand County of House Evendusk

Grand Count Cathorian Evendusk

NA-E Server

Duke Cyneric Torrin of Cremoria

The Kingdom of Kairos

          The House of Evendusk was once a proud County, with it's people happy and future secured. On the field of war, Evendusk banner's flew upon the battlefield with distinction, inspiring commoners and nobles alike, and paving the way for a golden era. But the Counts of old grew aged and became fat, resting on the laurels of past accomplishments. No longer did they strive for greatness. The House became disconnected from their people, eating and revelling instead of leading and defending. And through them, their armies grew undisciplined and lazy. Complacency became every day life. Victory on the battlefield became a thing of legend, stories that veterans would tell the green recruits to give them hope. Stories were all that gave people a reprieve from what life had decayed to. And bit by bit, their land was devoured by rivals and savages until at last their walls were torn down around them and the once green gardens were trampled into the mud.

          But as the last Count of Evendusk struggled within his keep, the folly of their ways became evident, so he sent his only son and heir to the countryside with a few loyal men. From there the son would observe the downfall of their great house, but also preserve it. And there in the wilderness he rediscovered what his ancestors had lost. No longer did servants prepare a fire and feast for him, instead he was forced to cut down the trees and hunt for food himself. There was no place for excess, no warm halls to return to when life become uncomfortable. He explored the land that his family once ruled and became disgusted with what they had let themselves become and vowed never to be soft again.

          Cathorian Evendusk, first of his name to be ejected from his home, crushed the soft parts of his heart and a brutal practicality took over. And so he raided what he needed and left bodies in his wake. Ideals such as honor, integrity, and chivalry became dead to him. He needed food and materials for shelter, and those who didn't join him were as much an enemy as those who took up sword against him. His small band of men became skilled with the bow and travelling light and fast on horses. These bandits had no home, but they took what they needed from travelling caravans and plump merchants.

          But this was no way to live, like savages scraping a living day to day with no thoughts of the future. And so Cathorian imposed discipline into his men, and started turning them into a professional retinue instead of a thieving band. Their prospects opened up and they starting looking for most honest work. In their search for a future, they found the Iron Duke. The Iron Duke of the Cremoria, Cyneric Torrin, was building a new kind of power, recruiting all people of quality. He described a mercenary-state that was being established in the frozen wastelands, to sell their abilities to the highest bidder and eventually bow to no one ever again. The hostile environment of biting cold spoke to Cathorian, for it was a land where the weak did not last long and whittled down those who portrayed themselves as strong but couldn't stand up to the test. He agreed to join the Cremoria and work so that all would fear the name of the Dread Legion.

What is Evendusk?

The Grand County of Evendusk's main effort is to be the shield and sword of the Dread Legion, the mercenary arm of the Duchy of Cremoria that is headed by the Evendusk house. Count Cathorian has two Count pledges from Kickstarter that will combined into one large domain whenever SBS allows. The plan of action is to develop the people and tools which will empower the Dread Legion to be the weight that tips the scales in both small and large scale conflicts. And we will actively seek out contracts by travelling abroad and offering our services in any potential conflict areas. One day we will be fighting with you, and then the next, against you – How well do you trust your neighbors? We will be the tool of the ambitious, all while spreading the name of the Dread Legion.

How Will We Operate?

The House of Evendusk will rely heavily on skilled lower leadership, decentralizing power amongst our Barons, Mayors, and proven leaders so that they can develop their forces to be a trained force that can work alone. Not all fights will require our full force, so leaders need to be comfortable with commanding their units on their own. At the same time, there needs to be a close relationship between Barons and Mayors to further the community goals. Individual initiative is highly valued – it only takes one soldier to burn his enemies supply stores to spell doom for an entire army. Barons and Mayors will receive the full support of House Evendusk and their contacts, ensuring that a steady supply line of resources and equipment to ensure positive growth both on the homefront and abroad.

That said, I want to emphasize every role will be important in this county, no one profession will be valued over the other. Cooks, tailors, blacksmiths, loggers, architects, scribes, etc. Individual ability is what we need from you. Based on your personal goals and desires for your game play, I will match you with a Baron/Mayor that reflects your focus to give you the support you’ll need to succeed. In return, Barons and Mayors are expected to support their citizens to promote growth and prosperity.

The Dread Legion

First and foremost, The Dread Legion is a mercenary guild that will transcend borders and nationalities. The goal is to have mercenary contacts in as many locations as possible, from other nations and cultures. Having mercenary contractors spread all across the world will enable us to spread our area of operations across all continents and increase contract availability. The Dread Legion is the Yellow Pages for Mercenaries, connecting mercenary groups and people who want to fight with work - wherever that may be.

How will it work?

A person from any Kingdom, Duchy, County, Barony, or otherwise is welcome to join the Dread Legion as an associate member, meaning they will be put onto our list of contacts to be notified if the Dread Legion receives a contract offer. If the Dread Legion gets a contract offer, the details of the contract will be forwarded to all leaders of associate member groups. From there the leader is free to accept the contract or simply deny it should they be busy or simply don't want to do it. The mercenary outfit that accepts the contract will receive the reward after a minor % is taken for guild maintenance and upkeep. If multiple mercenary outfits are involved in the contract, rewards will be split equally between them. If a single mercenary group is hired, they will be fighting under their own banner. Only if multiple groups are fighting together will a combined command for that expedition be formed under the Dread Legion banner in order to facilitate communication and cooperation between the differing mercenary groups. Your local leader will always remain in command of whatever mercenary forces he brings to the table.

Military hierarchy have two major sections. Permanent Dread Legion officers and mercenary outfit officers. Permanent Dread Legion officers will be the ranking guild members in charge of running overhead for the guild, securing and pushing out contracts to the mercenary outfits. Outfit officers are the leaders of any mercenary groups, whether that is an entire county and barony, or simply a band of soldiers that want to fight. Outfit officers will always be in charge of their outfits, but if multiple mercenary groups are working the same contract, a proven and agreed upon military leader will be appointed as the ranking officer and commander for that expedition.

Should business be booming, The Dread Legion will develop facilities in various cities to house barracks, armories and muster points for mercenary forces. Training can also be provided at these locations depending on the profitability of the local guild house. Any fighter may apply for permanent membership in the Dread Legion to receive access to these barracks and armories so you are not risking your own gear while on a contract - increase profit margins. Being a permanent member in the Dread Legion does not require you to move in to a location with a guild hall, it's simply a higher level of dedication and trust within the Dread Legion.

The Dread Legion is actively recruiting any and all persons interested in open-world PvP or otherwise want to establish contact with a merc guild. Contact myself for details.

Mercenary contractors will not be called for any personal disputes the Grand County of Evendusk may have unless it is under a fully paying mercenary contract. I do not expect foreign nationals to fight my own battles for me.

Frosholme, the County Capital

The capital of the Grand County of Evendusk will be Frosholme, a city with an economic import/export business focus. Frosholme will seek to fill the gap that is created when towns and strongholds focus on crafting, breeding, and growing. That gap is finding buyers outside of their local area, getting things from where they’re made to where it will make the most profit. Utilizing the community the Dread Legion has already built, Frosholme will leverage those contacts to kickstart its business and expand from there with trading posts in other cities that have access to higher quality crafted goods and raw materials. Being the Capital of the Grand County, Frosholme will be supported by the entire industry of the county, protected by Evendusk’s numerous Barons and fueled by local resources.

Frosholme is currently recruiting anyone who wishes to have an economic presence in the game. This includes all types of crafters from woodworkers to smiths to map makers. Beyond that, we’d like to have breeders and farmers to feed the Grand County and sell surplus produce abroad.

In order to make an economic center, Mayors that plan on focusing in economic areas such as crafting and harvesting, roles that produce a product to sell are encouraged to join the county, because if you can’t sell it within the Grand County, we’ll find a buyer outside of it for you. Prosperity for all.

Port Town of Squall's End

Squall's End will be all in purposes, a port town. The idea is to facilitate the transfer of goods and coin from one town to the next. Mayor Nicoli envisions multiple transport companies/guilds would use the city as staging area for their goods before their sent out to various locations. In that respect, we will also house dedicated storage areas for the Dread Legion for future distribution to varying cities. Should ships be implemented further down the line, Mayor Nicoli believes a harbor will be built to facilitate marine transport of goods as well as troops should the need arise. So anyone wishing to start up a transport guild or simply want to setup your own personal base of operations and travel the kingdom and abroad, you'll always have a home here.

Point of Contact: Mayor Nicoli

The Last Wardens

The Last Wardens is a Barony that will sit on the outskirts of the County of Evendusk. We hope to be one of the first responders to invaders as well as be front line soldiers in any wars that may be waged. We are not a murder-hobo Barony nor are we RPers who have no bite (you can RP, just don't only RP). We intend to have competent members who excel in multiple forms of combat and will have a track record of playing competitive action games; such as any fighters, modern day shooters, blood/souls genre of action, etc. The more attune you are to twitch action combat, the more we'll want you in our Barony. However, if you want to spend your time increasing your crafting trade by developing arms and armor, you'll be sure to never run out of business in this Barony.

Point of Contact: Baron Jouten


Welcome to the lands of house Soulbrandt; Here resides an estate known as Ravenston. The courageous and diligent few that patrol the Kingdom of Kairos hunting the wanted scum of Elyria call this place home. Those scorned folk unlucky enough to cross paths with the denizens of Ravenston often find themselves met with the long walk to the fortress overlooking the estate known as The Hall of Perdition; An aptly named structure for this is where the scorned meet their fate at the hands of Lord Mordred Soulbrandt. To be blunt: This is the settlement of blood money; A sanctuary for hunters of monsters and mann alike.

Point of Contact: Baron Soulbrandt

Town of Emberrest

Faceless, and Silent, We are the Death Dealers of our legions enemies, trained to be nothing more than killers, we work not for fame, or wealth, we work to keep our people safe. Assassins, Rogues, even Spies on the rare occasion, we are the Faceless Ones, derived from our leader to never allow the Heart of Men to change us. I will say this, I don't care for your reasons, I seek individuals who will be twofold existences to this town, and to those who house us and grant us safety. We are the Vengeance when needed, and we will be hidden otherwise. I seek for those who wish to learn deception and death, and make it your primary strengths. On the off hand, No, I don't want murder hobo's whose only reason to be here is to kill. If you choose to join, I won't force you to be what goes bump in the night, as long as you are a beneficial existence to other residents in the town, Our primary trades will be herbs, and alchemy. If you want to be a blacksmith, I will not hold it over you, again so long as you don't do anything that will harm the other townsfolk.

Point of Contact: Baron Nevermore


The Grand County of Evendusk will be located in the Duchy of Cremoria, which is located within the Kingdom of Kairos. The plan is to settle in a taiga or tundra biome. I can only plan so far ahead without a map, but ideally the county will be on the border on the Duchy, in the direction of the next foreign population center to be both a bulwark for the Cremoria and to facilitate moving mercenaries and other goods. The primary terrain feature I’m looking for is to either be on the coast, or at least have a river running through the county. Mountains would also be nice to serve as a natural barrier that Barons and Mayors can utilize in their urban planning.

Anyone that needs more info or just wants to talk can either message me on the forum or join the Cremoria and Evendusk discords.

Auxiliary Links

Cremoria's CoE page

Cremoria's Discord - Primary contact location,


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