The Last Wardens - A Barony of Cremoria

Kingdom: The Solaris Confederation

Duchy: Cremoria

County: Evendusk

Barony: The Last Wardens of Freifechter

Tribe: Janoa & To'resk

Location: Tropical Rainforest


Who are the Last Wardens?

The Last Wardens is a Barony that will sit on the outskirts of the County of Evendusk. We hope to be one of the first responders to invaders as well as be front line soldiers in any wars that may be waged. We are not a murder-hobo Barony nor are we RPers who have no bite (you can RP, just don't only RP). We intend to have competent members who excel in multiple forms of combat and will have a track record of playing competitive action games; such as any fighters, modern day shooters, blood/souls genre of action, etc. The more attune you are to twitch action combat, the more we'll want you in our Barony. However, if you want to spend your time increasing your crafting trade by developing arms and armor, you'll be sure to never run out of business in this Barony.

Leadership and Rewards

The more you play, the more time you game with the Baron (me), the more you contribute, the more rewards and responsibilities you will have. Simple as that. Due to my Officer ranking within Cremoria, I'll be able to ensure you're well geared and supplied to fight or given the facility to pursue other martial goals.

What's our niche?

We're a Barony for adults who were suckered into having a family and a 8-5 job but who will get on when they can and are laser focused on a task. For those who retained the skills of yor but fell into responsibility.

I won't ask more from you than what I'd expect from myself. I guess you can say we'd be Casual-Hardcore.


Either through the messaging system within these forums or if you want a more immediate response through the same Discord link linked above.

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