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Duchy of Cremoria



Front line border duchy

Military and defensive focus

Run two duchy wide organizations the mercenary guild Dread Legion, and Masonry guild and school Bulwark Corps

Seeking explorers, crafters,gatherers, researchers, pve and pvp players.

We are the shield of Solaris

Our motto is classy and sassy, this defines how we interact with the larger community as a whole. We keep things respectable, we don't trash talk, but we encourage folks to be sassy and to include as many jazz hands as possible. We hold honoring our word above all else, because we realize as a community all we have to bargain with is our word and our reputation.

1) We believe that one hour of play time a week, is one more hour than we would have had before

2) We believe that anyone can be taught how to play a game better.

This means that we look for folks with a good attitude, an ability to listen and follow directions, and to be able to handle constructive criticisms. These are the people Cremoria wants, those that have the right attitude, not just skilled players.

Our core membership are PvPers, but we realize that in order to hold territory to any significant degree, that we need gatherers, and crafters, explorers, PVE, and so much more. We are pragmatists and not simple gankers, instead we take the political game seriously, and do not go to war lightly. We operate on restraint and clear cost benefit analysis before deciding who and how we target folks.

Currently we're playing Crowfall, and are heavily invested in Ashes of Creation. We're also playing Stellaris, Board Games, and PUBG.

Organizations of Cremoria

The Bulwark Corps purpose is to provide citizens an opportunity to both work as or hire a mason or defensive specialist, as well as to perform research and development focused around stonework. The Bulwark Corps are similar to the United States Army Corps of Engineers in that they are a skilled collection of people who invent and build while simultaneously serving purpose as a military minded group specializing in defense. The Bulwark Corps will construct and maintain defensive structures as well as progress in their research and development of even more efficient buildings and other inventions.

First and foremost, The Dread Legion is a mercenary guild that will transcend borders and nationalities. The goal is to have mercenary contacts in as many locations as possible, from other nations and cultures. Having mercenary contractors spread all across the world will enable us to spread our area of operations across all continents and increase contract availability. The Dread Legion is the Yellow Pages for Mercenaries, connecting mercenary groups and people who want to fight, with work - wherever that may be.

Counties of Cremoria

The County of Vesiryn is the heart of Cremoria, situated in the center of the domain. The county holds the main HQ of the masonry guild the Bulwark Corps, as well as the masonry focused school of the same name. The county is intended to be a central trade hub for Cremoria, All roads lead from Vesiryn to the rest of Cremoria and Solaris. In Vesiryn besides general trade, you can expect a focus on masonry, animal taming and cavalry from the cities that call the county their home.

The County of Isenstar are a craftsman and breeder County based within a border Duchy that will likely see lots of action. We are hoping to see a lot of action. As such they are looking for mayors whose towns will be focused on Crafting, Breeding, and Military training.The Country is focused on helping each other grow and develop including the citizens involved and will feature Country sponsored jobs in exchange for everything needed to survive in the world.

The Grand County of Evendusk is a collection of PvP communities and veterans with a background traced through virtually every PvP centric game, who all share the singular goal of perfecting Elyrian combat. To that end, our primary race is the Janoa, who are largely considered to be the superior combatant race of Elyria. Additionally, we are the proud occupants of a triple-county that encompasses the only border counties between the Solaris Confederation and the Kingdom of Fortuna.

The plan of action is to develop the people, communities, and skills needed to be the weight that tips the scales in both small and large scale conflicts. When not engaged in aggressive expansion, every military-oriented baron and citizen participates in the Dread Legion mercenary umbrella company to continuously hone our skills.

Forgeborn County is a production hub that aims to create and hone the bleeding edge of the military armaments within the duchy and kingdom. Specializing in martial armament production, we will have a multitude of county-run contracts that assist craftsmenn with improving their trade as well as helping them find homes for the exceptional goods that they produce. But don't fret if you want to do something other than hammer out a quality blade. We will also have sponsorship and apprenticeship programs to build up passionate crafters of most other trades as well. Whether it be smithing an axe or a nail, Forgeborne County has a place for you.

The County of Rastlös Odjur is home to the forsaken beasts that roam the lands. The beasts that were left displaced due to the rapid expansion of mankind within Elyria. To say that Rastlös Odjur is a nature preserve is both right and wrong. The thing to remember during your stay is respect nature and do not take more then you can give back. In this way our lands have become competent in ways of war and in economy. In war, we specialize in the area of a mounted corps (recon) and siege works. In economy, alchemy and carpentry. There are opportunities abound including anyone who specializes in beast taming. Besides the personal thanedom experience, there are plenty of opportunities via imports and support from the greater Cremoria area so do not falter.

Rataphos County aims to be Cremoria’s engine of production, entrenching itself as a bastion of prosperity and technological advancement. We seek to provide like minded individuals with the opportunity to excel, we will be a core of commerce within the duchy, a place where materials flow readily and quality products are profitably whisked away to the far reaches of the duchy, kingdom, and beyond. We yearn to be a place where researchers, foremost in their fields, can find themselves surrounded by exotic materials and competitive colleagues spurring them ever forward. If there’s something you want, Rataphos is where you’ll find it.

The goal of Tir Slaes is to create an environment where players of all stripes can fulfill their goals and enjoy the game. Our capital, Bran Alaw, boasts a law school where scribes come to learn their trade and a strong military presence which keeps the county secure. Whether your goals are to be solider, scribe, bounty hunter, farmer, or adventurer Tir Slaes is the place for you!

VVertuus county strives to be an aggressive territory. We are a home for the rowdy, awkward, and wayward souls of Elyria who are interested in exploring the wild and staking their claim. The locals are mostly focused on warfare and entertainment. Sometimes they can be one in the same. Vertuus county will focus on siege weapons, engineering, and our naval fleet – as well as bounty hunting and other roguish feats. We are brawlers, at heart and almost all of us are willing to negotiate contracts. We make the world more interesting and… arguably safer. Great minds compare themselves only with the most able. If you are interested in a Countess who believes in quality over quantity this is the place for you.

Arriving in Oakenroot Territory

Over a hundred years before the great war against the Empire punctuated the landscape of the continent, a mann by the name of Vesir Torrin left his homeland in the Duchy of Aelshore. The kingdom of Xeilias at large, he felt, was far too tyrannical and dishonorable, wounding his sense of integrity at every turn. He wished to be freed from the suffocating landscape of despotism and deceit. Over the past decade, regime changes has resulted in an increasingly oppressive atmosphere that seemed to be spreading its way throughout the Kingdom that had once provided naught but honor for his bloodline.

The Torrin family was well known for their roles as military leaders and cunning strategists. A theme throughout their long line had been their unyielding and scrupulous principles. Never, so Vesir believed, would a Torrin bow in the face of a domineering monarch or other noble. No matter how loyal they might be to the crown, true corruption would never be tolerated. It was Vesir’s goal to maintain this sense of pride and family legacy, though he realized in those last days within Aelshore that it could never be within the holdings of Xeilias.

Thus, in the autumn season of Year 535, Vesir Torrin found himself leaving behind his homeland of generations, a small platoon of his most loyal soldiers at his side. His brother Keric decided to stay behind, unconvinced that the unscrupulous crown could not be swayed back to honor. Keric, much to his brother’s dismay, decided to try and maintain the family’s holdings in Aelshore while Vesir ventured to a new land in search of a place for he and his dedicated followers to call a new home. Instead of finding an untouched terrain though, upon arriving in the distant land, Vesir found himself in a territory already occupied by a people known as the Oakenroot.

The Oakenroot were a fascinating group, immediately welcoming Vesir and his subjects into their lands with open arms. A comingling of many bloodlines and considering themselves members of the Kingdom of Bloodoak, the Oakenroot were dedicated to the preservation of ritual and knowledge. Hearing of Vesir’s situation, they awarded him a sort of diplomatic accord and invited him to stay for a time as he attempted to figure out where his people would make their home.

This peace was short lived, however, as the malicious regime of Aelshore arrived, seeking to expand their own lands. They began to press towards the Oakenroot holdings, threatening war upon the pacifist faction. The Kingdom of Bloodoak bristled with this news, sending some of their Thornbrud forces out to the Oakenroot countryside to provide protection. But in the end, it was without need.

A destined meeting was on the horizon. As if the conflict was foreseen, the OakHeart Seereress, Fyrsiryn Sharizi, left her seat in Sahai’nira County. Weathering harsh conditions in the midst of a blistering winter, the OakHeart traveled to the outskirts of the lands where Vesir was staying and Aelshore was beginning to press. There, Vesir and Fyrsiryn gazed upon each other for the first time. There, two halves of a whole found each other for Fyrsiryn and Vesir knew at once that they were meant to be with each other always.

Vesir, his heart filled with the love for his newfound soulmate, was willing to do anything to save the people of the Oakenroot and, by relation, the people of Bloodoak. In a tense confrontation, Vesir stood against his old allies and friends and demanded they turn back the tides of war they were attempting to spring. He sent word to his brother Keric and passionately explained the dishonorable actions of Aelshore in their aggressive attempts to infringe upon a peaceful people. He begged Keric, should Aelshore insist on attacking, to turn against the duchy and avenge his brother’s death, for Vesir assured should Aelshore attack the Oakenroot, he would die to protect them.

Divine favor seemed to smile upon Vesir Torrin and Fyrsiryn Sharizi, for within the matter of just a few tense weeks of stalemate, Aelshore turned back to expand in a different direction. War was avoided and an immediate alliance struck between the Torrins and Bloodoak at large. Bloodoak, the combined forced of the Oakenroot and Thornbrud, agreed to honor the Torrin family for as long as they shall live, so long as they were honored in return as they had been in this conflict.

The Marriage & Founding of Lysoria

Vesir Torrin would not be swayed from his purpose of founding a new land for his bloodline. On the other hand, he also would not be without Fyrsiryn, nor she without him, now that they had found each other. Though he stayed with the Oakenroot for three years, his wanderlust and pioneering spirit reawakened in due time. Thus, Fyrsiryn stepped down from her role of OakHeart in the year of 538, passing on the mantle of Seeress to her younger brother Eridrys. Free of her role and with the First Warden Adrelia Fallskeeper of Bloodoak’s blessing, Fyrsiryn and Vesir wed in a beautiful and lavish ceremony that evoked the most profound of Oakenroot ritual rites. After the three day celebration that followed, the two traveled only with their closest companions to establish a new holding.

They traveled for a time, getting to know the people of many varied lands. It was a period of joy for the couple as they saw sights too few would ever see in their days on Elyria. By the end of 541, Fyrsiryn had swelled with child and so it was time to settle down for good. Their party found a mostly untouched land ready to be tamed, and within months had built up the beginnings of a small settlement. This they called the new territory of Lysoria.

While Fyrsiryn stayed home with their new daughter, Yrllika, Vesir and his long loyal companions still with him from their campaign away from Aelshore, struck out on expeditions to subdue the native terrain in order to expand. With each outing, Lysoria grew, until their settlement had quadrupled in size and the territories upon which future settlements could be built was ten times larger than when they had started. A few of Vesir’s most trusted men began to branch out to try and establish secondary settlements, promoting Fyrsiryn and Vesir to Countess and Count.

The Famine & Fall of Vesir & Fysiryn

In 582, the lands of Bloodoak and many of those surrounding were swept with a crushing famine. Challenged by waning reserves of food, many Lysorians returned back to the central settlement to try and manage stock more efficiently and preserve the community. Unfortunately, by 583 stores had worn too thin. Lysoria was hemorrhaging numbers, the very young and elderly first to succumb to poor nutrition.

Just as Vesir and Fyrsiryn had come together in the chill of the darkest days of winter forty-eight years prior, so too did they leave the world and return to the Akashic Records. Already weary from old age and a full life, Vesir died just before the solstice, thin and frail. Fyrsiryn, unable to take the pain of being without her love, took her own life by way of an herbal overdose, laid by her lover’s side.

Yrllika and her husband took over for her parents, though times were exceedingly trying due to the famine. Lysoria lost over a third of their people in the several years the famine lasted, saved only by increased aid from the Kingdoms of Bloodoak and Arthos. Sadly, it was already too late for many of them.

In the period of time that followed, Lysoria continued to strengthen diplomatic ties with Bloodoak, particularly maintaining those with the newest generation of the Oakenroot. However, due to the population loss from the famine and their already small numbers, it was difficult for them to expand much further.

The Razing of the Sharizi

The reign of Xeilias’s terror, it seemed, would never stop haunting the Torrin line. It was such that Aerdryth Torrin, grandson of Yrillika, great great grandson of Fyrsiryn and Vesir, caught word in 669 that Xeilias had attacked Sahai’nira. Sahai’nira being the most important seat of Oakenroot power, was also the place where a library chronicling much of the history of not only Bloodoak’s people, but of Lyrsoria’s as well, was kept. Its destruction would spell the downfall of an entire written history of culture. The razing of its people would end an entire way of life.

Despite how long it had been since Vesir and Fyrsiryn had left the Oakenroot, their closeness across the distance had never once waned. The Torrin line would visit the great capital of Sahai’nira, Frem’no’syr, at least once a decade without fail, no matter how treacherous the journey would prove. Every Torrin-Sharizi child made a pilgrimage to the heartland to see how their family had come to be allies with Bloodoak and to get a taste of the ancient ways of ritual and mysticism that were barely hinted at in Lysorian culture.

Aerdryth, just as noble as his great great grandfather, insisted on riding out at once with the still insignificant forces of Lysoria. Regardless of the cost, he was a mann of dignity, and he would stop at nothing to try and support Bloodoak in rallying against Xeilias. They traveled fast, riding hard through whatever challenges the elements threw at them, desperate to try and save their distant kin. Unfortunately, as Aerdryth met the armies of Xeilias half-way, the enemy army absolutely massacred their forces, leaving the numbers of Lysoria in ruin. Aerdryth died, just as his Sharizi cousins had - at the end of a Xeilias blade, his body burned to ash.

With little population remaining, Lysoria was more or less abandoned to nature. In a matter of years, those few families remaining moved either to Bloodoak or decided to try their luck as traveling traders. Entirely vacant, the beautiful settlement was overgrown with the local flora, its citizens no longer the people who had lived with love for each other and the freedom their home provided, but rather beasts of the wild.

The Divisive War

Despite the loss of Lysoria and the slaughter of the Torrins who had once left Xeilias, the line was still alive and well. Back in Xeilias, the ancestors of Keric, Vesir’s younger brother, were still maintaining their determined hold on the Duchy of Aelshore’s military. Surycio Torrin, great great grandson of Keric, was Lord Commander of Aelshore’s forces.

However, Surycio’s loyalty had been challenged, as it was he who years before had fought against his own distant blood after the razing of Sahai’nira. He would never forget the terrible realization as he recognized the Torrin colors on the battlefield. It had been he who had struck the first blow, and even as his soldiers fell upon his long lost cousins, he had stared on in horror at what he was doing.

Being forced, unknowingly, to attack his own kin, had left him shaken. Then, as Xeilias prepared once again for war in 673, he found himself questioning his loyalty. He became obsessed with figuring out the history behind the other Torrins, reaching out in secret to see who could tell him exactly what had happened. His own family there in Xeilias had kept little written records of the original split between Vesir and Keric, though he did uncover some written correspondences between the brothers from the early days of Lysoria.

It did not help Surycio’s mind that his wife became pregnant, giving birth just before he left to attack the Kingdom of Arthos. In 674, his son Resyor was born, reminding him all too keenly of the importance of family. Nevertheless, he went to war, returning home only once or twice a year to check on his family, a luxury afforded to very few soldiers.

Just as the war between Xeilias, Bloodoak, the Scattered Lands, and Arthos continued, so too did the war within himself rage. Each time Surycio returned to his son Resyor and his wife, he spoke to them of his concerns about the tolls of this war. His son grew up knowing his father’s uneasiness with his own actions. He heard the stories of the terrible things his father was forced to do. He questioned everything, and as each year passed and he matured, Resyor began to loathe Xeilias and all they stood for.

Still, Resyor was his father’s son, enlisting in the military when he was a mere fifteen years of age. Thanks to his father’s high ranking position, he raised quickly through the divisions, achieving the status of Lieutenant General at the ripe age of twenty one.

The war, as old as Resyor, had been going for twenty-two years when word reached him in his new appointment that his father had fallen in battle against the Rhyne offensive. This broke something within Resyor who knew how his father had struggled. Thus, doing what his father should have done long ago, he rebelled against Xeilias and turned upon them. This was the birth of the mercenary group known as the Dread Legion.

This dealt a major blow to Xeilias as more platoons began to either abandon the cause or turn on their own people. The Dread Legion became a light in the dark, despite being an absolute wake of death on the battlefield. Though it would yet be many years before Xeilias would fall, Resyor and his forces alongside Arthos and the newly renamed Bordweall began to gain increasing ground against the empire.

Due to their aid, at the end of the war when Arthos began to consume pieces of Xeilias land, the Torrin held county of Lokkarin was untouched at first. Finally Arthos extended and invitation for Lokkarin to become a part of Arthos which Resyor was happy to accept. Thus, it became that Lokkarin was swept into the royal duchy of King Croesus Delafonte in the year 696.

Inescapable Corruption

Just as it seemed they had escaped the corruption of Xeilias, the Torrin line was once again faced with a new moral challenge. One of King Delafonte’s men approached Resyor Torrin in 713 and tasked him with assassinating another significant military commander within the newly established Duchy of Val’Praem. Resyor, disagreeing with the reasoning which was seeded in paranoia and venality, refused and was consequently banished from the royal duchy.

At the same time, the Grand Duchy of Kallon saw the struggle rising between the Richforts and King Delafonte and took the opportunity of the divided kingdom to cede from the Kingdom of Arthos. This happened to be the Duchy in which the ancestral lands of Lysoria remained in ruin; despite not being held by Resyor’s line directly, and rather by his great-great-great uncle Vesir’s line, the knowledge of the holding thanks to his father’s research remained with him now. The title had been reclaimed by the Torrin family just before his father’s death, despite the land going into disrepair. Thus, it was to there that Resyor took his people. Within a matter of only a year, Resyor had re-established a small portion of Lysoria, claiming it as a fort. Settling here for the time, Resyor raised his son Kurisio in relative peace.

In 717, the Richforts found themselves victorious in the war and established the Kingdom of Kairos. However, the Grand Duchy of Kallon would remain an outsider for the time being.

Expanding the Ancestral Lands

After Resyor’s death, Kurisio began his goal of managing what his father could not. Passing on responsibility of the mercenary company of the Dread Legion to the Evendusks, Kurisio began to lead his citizens instead. In the year 738, he expanded the holding of Lysoria into a county once again, renaming it Vesiryn after Vesir and Fyrsirin who had originally come to the land. With the Fort of Lysoria as his base and the county of Vesiryn in his possession, he began to rally other counts as he noted corruption was beginning to take hold in the Duchy of Kallon at large.

In the past several years under the reign of a new Duchess of Kallon, Heira, many prominent officials had been taking bribes to keep criminal activities quieted. For many It would take years to get everyone on the same side and a great deal of subtlety to keep his name from being associated with trying to bring Duchess Heira down; but finally in 746, Kurisio was able to aid King Richfort of Kairos in overthrowing the rogue Duchess.

With King Richfort now in power over the Grand Duchy of Kallon, House Torrin was appointed to hold the Duchy. Kurisio named the lands Cremoria and maintained his seat in the county of Vesiryn, settling in what was now the great walled city of Lysoria.

The Future of Cremoria

At long last, the Torrin’s found themselves in a position to truly create a land of integrity under the blessing of King Richfort. Kurisio, looking back upon the history of his family line, vowed never to be subjected to such corruption again. He would lead with honor and teach his sons and daughters to lead with dignity, stoicism, and firmness matched only in fairness. Through virtue, they would find strength. Through will, they would find honor. Through logic, they would find the path to righteousness.

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Cremoria has a simple application process, simply join our discord and don't be a dick.

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Come and join the Duchy of Cremoria! We're not bad people, but we may be paid to do bad things!

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My town will be within this Duchy and look forward to future citizens! I won't be super focused on militarization, but I won't have our town be a push-over!

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