[NA-E] County of Rastlös Odjur

County of Rastlös Odjur

(County of Restless Beasts)

Home of the Crimson Riders



Political Location

The County of Rastlös Odjur will be located in the Duchy of Cremoria, which is harbored within the Kingdom of Kairos.

Military Location

Features permitting, the County of Rastlös Odjur will be duchy landlocked but will still be near frontlines


County of Rastlös Odjur preferred location would be within a forest biome with a preferred Janoan race.

Natural Features

  • Primary: Rainforests (Great Forest of Algarr)
  • Secondary: Mountains (only if it meets the constraints of having a forest nearby)


Primary Feature: Rainforests

Primary Roles Needed: Forestry, Lumberjack, Carpenter, Fletcher, Bowyer, Hunter, and Leatherworker.

Secondary Roles Needed: Herbalist, Alchemists, and Papermakers.

Secondary Feature: Mountains

Primary Roles Needed: Prospector, Mining, and Armor/Blacksmithing.

Secondary Roles Needed: Masons and Tinkerers.

Notice: These roles are subject to change depending on features of the county during the land grab. However, for now expect the above professions to be the most profitable within my preferred area.


Major Exports: Lumber, Timber, Handicrafts, Wooden Weapon Components, and Leather Armor Components.

Notice: Depending if the county also has a mountainous region, metal weapon components and armor components will be included with the above major exports.

Minor Exports: Medical Goods and Siege Works


Major Imports: Agricultural Goods

Minor Imports: (Dependent on individuals' primary vocations)

Notice: Again, depending on the biome, agricultural goods will be scarce. Primary survival will depend on hunting and gathering.



In regards to my characters lore as shown lower in the post. My character is considered a primitive in some forms or even a "Wildman". As such my government type will reflect this somewhat primitive nature in the beginning.

For the first three real-time months, the mayors and nobles will assess their individual settlements and promote positions based off merit. They must have a major impact within society to be considered for the roles that will be described later. All merit promotions will be reviewed by the individual settlement's mayor or baron. Merit will be reviewed on a case by case basis and proof of merit may need to be presented to the Count for deciding votes if there are multiple candidates. If the gentry of a town call the appointee under question, a review will need to be presented to the Count to decide.

History of Meritocracy

Meritocracy is considered a more primitive form of government as it often evolves into a more specialized government. According to history, Mongolia was once separated into two rivaling factions lead by Temujin and Jamuqa. Temujin adopted this government mentality and eventually defeated Jamuqa and went on to become Genghis Khan.

The reason Meritocracy worked so well was because positions were awarded for effort. This in turn challenged individuals to step up and perform better in order to grab a previous or new position.

Government Evolution

I do not expect that Meritocracy will be a benefit for long however. Eventually we will get to a point that the individuals that have the greatest work ethic will be identified and position changes occur less frequently. Once this happens, the government type will effectively change to that of an Oligarchy.


The elite that will make up this government will be as follows: Count, Mayors, and Baron. Those individuals that have shown great merit during the inception of the County will also be considered. These jobs will eventually be specified as more details on CoE are revealed and even during the course of the first three months of play.

Positions Needed

Elite Positions

Minimum Mayors Needed: 2 (in addition to the Count's town)

Minimum Barons Needed: 1

Settlement Specific Positions

Census Bureau: 2 (individuals) per settlement Description: A Census Bureau consisting of at least two individuals will be required to split the duty of maintaining records of population within the town or barony to be sent to the Count at a later specified interval. These population reports will include inhabitants’ name, family name, primary vocation. Depending on spread of vocations a tax will be implemented to fulfill the needs of infrastructure of both the County and Duchy. This information is important to prevent overtaxing both PCs and NPCs.

Currently Pledged

Dusk - Mayor

Rastlös Odjur Lore

The Forest Deep

Scall of Tribe Kryto was around the age of 11, in the year 726, when he disappeared within the Great Forest of Algarr during a right of passage. It was thought that he perished during this right of passage as the sole focus of this activity was to hunt dangerous game to prove his worth to the tribe as a hunter and defender. Around 10 years later, during the Spring of 736, a scout was patrolling the forest line and apprehended an individual walking within the forest outskirts. The scout found the man to be suspicious, as no other tribes were located near the southeastern edge of the Great Forest of Algarr; the nearest recorded Tribe being roughly a two week trek to the Northwest. The individual was brought before a tribunal where it was discovered that he was indeed Scall. Before Scall had a chance to explain what occurred all those years ago, the village elder noted strange tattoos on Scall's ribs. According to the elder, the markings should only appear on those who had trespassed in the Forest Deep which was forbidden in the tribe's code. Scall was immediately exiled and forced out of the village at spear point with no provisions.

The Abandoned Village

In 737, an explorer party that recently landed in the North and stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned village. Upon extending their search into the nearby forest, they came under attack from multiple beasts. Several members of the party succumbed to the beasts before a mysterious man appeared and single handedly disabled the remaining beasts. The man then lead the remaining party out of forest, hauling the dead back to the village. After a brief introduction, Scall explained to the party that the forests contained many more lethal beasts and that trying to circumvent the forest was folly as the beasts did not just inhabit the forest but also the area around the forest. Not wanting the empty structures in the village to go to waste, Scall suggested the party remain within the village for as long as they wanted and to use it as a home base for further exploration into the forest to reach the other side. The party, having already lost a third of its members, decided to heed Scall’s advice and remained. They were all aware that their best chance of survival rested upon the information and combat prowess of Scall . For many months to come, Scall led the members of the new village on multiple excursions into the forest and taught them not only how to protect themselves, but to respect the forest as well. In addition, Scall managed the development of the village as more explorers and frontiersman arrived to expand the village and it’s influence in the region.

The Pledge

By 741, the number of Scall’s followers had swelled, and he was able to build up the ancient village into a bustling township as well as contact and gain the support of the remaining tribes located in and around the Great Forest of Algarr, adding to his area of influence. Scall being considered a “native wildman” by those that followed him were well aware that he had an uncanny ability of leadership and management and often expressed this to individuals that were passing through on their way back to the main landing of Cremoria . Scall’s success did not go unnoticed by Kurisio’s aides for very long, and a delegation was dispatched to what was now referred to as the Town of Algarr. After the arrival of the delegation, a negotiation was held, and Scall agreed to support the growth of Cremoria as a whole. In return, Scall would be allowed to maintain control over the network of towns and villages in the region which he had dubbed Rastlös Odjur.

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Good luck to you!

Yu'tui of the agricultural town of Valaris.

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Grammatical and spelling errors corrected. More still to come as more information is released!

2/19/17 Updated links

5/21/17 Lore has been fully fleshed out and revised due changes in allegiance from Kingdom or Vornair to Kingdom of Kairos.

5/22/17 Updated link to the correct webpage and the Dread Legion has evolved into the Duchy of Cremoria. (more Lore changes coming)

5/22/17 Updated Political Location, Military Location, Biome, Primary Roles Needed, Major Exports, Major Imports, Elite Positions Needed, and added a description for the Census Bureau. (possible Guild information coming soon)

6/12/17 All information has been updated, any further updates will be post land selection. For all intents and purposes, Kregard the Hermit was changed to Scall the Hermit in order to allow his "son" Kregard to appear during full launch of the game. All sections have had gramatical errors fixed.

1/10/18 I am preparing a new set of lore to replace the current spiel and to work more in tandem with the current lore timeline of my Dukedom and Kingdom.

1/12/18 Significant changes to Lore have been made as well as a considerable reduction in the mass of the Lore. Do not fret though, the reduction of Lore is just to show a brief summary of how the area formed. The actual in depth lore will be released at a later date.

1/14/18 Lore grammar was cleaned up.

1/18/18 Elaborated on the Count's role in deciding merit promotions within the government.

11/8/18 Racial tribe changes.

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I am still looking for Mayors and Barons to flesh out my county if you are interested please send me a message!

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Great writeup, looking forward to seeing what you do in game.

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Great writeup, looking forward to seeing what you do in game.

Thanks for your kind words and input :)

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Dusk welcome to the County

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Still looking for a baron and gentry for those interested. Major updates to lore and political structure to come soon.

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Minor update regarding a switch in biome and race.

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