[NA-E] County of Rataphos | City of Thorn’s End


Duchy: Cremoria


Rataphos County aims to be the duchy of Cremoria's engine of production, gathering together like-minded individuals who aim for the mythic status of Legendary within their respective crafts.

Economic Focus

Rataphos County aims to entrench itself as a bastion of prosperity and advancement within the duchy of Cremoria. As a county under the leadership of Cyneric Torrin, the Iron Duke of Cremoria and Lord Commander of the Dread Legion, we are no stranger to the reality of warfare. However, rather than embrace martial prowess as the be-all and end-all, we keenly acknowledge the wisdom that technological advantage and economic dominance, can be just as, if not more, effective than a show of force. In this vein, we work to ensure those within Rataphos find themselves with resources easily accessible; tools, simple and advanced, ready for purchase; and the newest products, domestic and foreign available within our markets. It is our goal to provide our citizens with every possible advantage they might crave so that they have the absolute greatest chance of reaching their goals, as the success of one begets the success of many.

The City of Thorn’s End

Thorn’s End is the county seat of Rataphos and endeavours to provide a rich range of opportunities to the production and research focused members of our county. You can read more about Thorn’s End, by following the link here, or in the leadership section.


We will be located in the Duchy of Cremoria. Look to Cremoria's post for more information on their particular goals, I aim to place my county in a location with access to fertile grounds, amenable to successful crop production and grazing, and abundant material resources.


Count Rataphos of Thorn’s End

Motto: "From thorns to harvest."

Thorn’s End is the county seat of Rataphos, as such it aims to be a core of commerce and technological progress within the county. It aims to gather together those interested in the progression of animal taming, animal husbandry, farming for food and alchemical resources, food production, leatherworking, tailoring and alchemy. We seek to provide ample opportunities for our citizen’s personal development.

Mayor Zalori of Eziel

Motto: "From adventuring to abundance."

Eziel is home to the explorers and travelers of Rataphos, holding the headquarters of the Seekers of the Wood, Cremoria's exploration guild who focus on cartography, routing, tracking and, of course, exploration. The town of Eziel seeks to make the most of the unique jungle biome it calls home, if you've got an adventurous spirit then you should head on over to Eziel.

Mayor Astrifer of Lunari

Motto: "Ferocious fangs and marvelous melodies."

Lunari maintains a network of rangers, bards, and tamers, each of which contribute to the welfare of our county; from protecting against threats, to soothing savage beasts, all those within the town of Lunari come together to hone their strengths and protect their people.


Rataphos's Discord

Cremoria's Elyria Post

12/15/2016 11:54:25 PM #1

Update: Rataphos County now has two official mayors pledged, welcome Gladhwen and Cocopaps!

If you're interested in fulfilling a Baron's role within the county please feel free to message me still.

1/12/2017 7:19:47 PM #2

Update: We are no longer actively seeking mayors or barons, welcome to Zeakington, whom now holds our last official "town" slot.

3/1/2017 1:14:51 AM #3

Update: Sadly, due to personal commitments one of the members of our leadership has had to step down.

However, this is beneficial for anyone looking to join the county, please get in contact if you have interest in joining an economically focused county as either a baron or mayor.

3/21/2017 10:24:23 PM #4

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Kairos.

12/8/2018 11:55:00 PM #5

Hey there, looking forward to domain selection!

1/4/2019 9:53:42 PM #6

Welcome to our newest mayor, Zalori of Eziel!

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