County of Athair

There was a bustle in the square. Beneath the wide reaching arms of Angelica's tree, the people of the city of Dileas and its neighbours gathered, the soft golden glow of the pinecones overhead casting a calm and reassuring light over the late evening gathering. The steps leading up into the Temple of Mann were lined with acolytes and initiates, holding baskets in their hands while a priest oversaw their work. The winter had been long, but the Children of Mann had stored away plenty and given out parcels to those who hadn't quite saved enough. Now that spring had arrived, it was time to empty the stores to make room for the new harvest.

Through the doors, preceeded by red-mantled Bishops, the Seat of Mann joined the younger devotees of the church and bowed humbly before the citizens of the city.

"Athair is blessed to have been so fruitful in the last harvest," they said. "Let us celebrate a new spring by breaking bread with our neighbours and offering our prayers to another happy season."

About the County

The County of Athair is the quiet haven of the Children of Mann. Faithful, capable hands cultivate herbs and scribe books and contracts. Striving to live on the edge of conflict, the city of Dileas is a safe haven for those seeking protection under the watchful eye of the Swords of Mann, the Temple an unassuming fortress against those who seek to do harm to the peaceful Children.

Athair is an Ecclesiocracy lead by the Seat of Mann and the four Thrones with the help of the rest of the Children. Each city in the county is connected to Dileas by a church led by a Priest, there to advise the city's mayor or baron and report back any problems to Dileas. With a focus on religion, healing, and diplomacy, Athair will become a place for anyone interested in religion, mediation, healing, and becoming a part of something that will spread across Elyria, not just their own kingdom.

Each town in Athair should have a primary and secondary focus. The capital county of Dileas focuses on healing medicine -- herbology and alchemy -- as well as scribing and diplomatic mediation.

About the Count

As a Count, I come to you with years of experience as a community manager and guild leader. I've run groups on various games such as Minecraft and Ragnarok Online. I've moderated and managed groups with up to five thousand registered members. I'm a social gamer, I prefer to talk to people than crunch damage numbers or follow the latest meta. I have people who do those kinds of things for me. I feel as though being a count and a leader of something like the Children of Mann places me exactly where I need to be to make the most of my experience in Elyria.

My biggest concern is trying to make sure that everyone gets to play the game the way they want to. Everyone has their own goals for Chronicles of Elyria, and I think that Counts and Mayors/Barons will play a huge role in making that happen for the majority of players. I take my role in that regard very seriously, and I hope I can help build something great with all of the people in my county.

Our Towns

Led by the Seat of Mann, Dileas is the capital of Athair and the location of the grand Temple of Mann, inhabited by the hard working Children.

A city dedicated to the scientific, divine, and arcane research of metal and metallurgy. While the overall goal of the town is to mine and help supply the county with the materials it needs to thrive, the passion of its Mayor is to find or create a legendary metal in order to create legendary weapons and armor.


Children of Mann



What we Need

The county of Athair is still looking for different levels of leadership. Those interested in helping to lead something that will hopefully spread far beyond the borders of the county and the kingdom are encouraged to join and participate and express their interest in being a Throne or Bishop in the Children of Mann. We're also looking for those who simply want a peaceful life of the day-to-day; farmers, blacksmiths, miners, lumberjacks, rangers, hunters, bakers, tavern owners, architects -- people who want to start from nothing, who just want a small plot of land to start building their own legacy. People who just want to explore. People who want to take their merchant trains all the way across Elyria.

I'm looking for all of this. I want to help you reach your goals in CoE. In exchange, all I ask is that you contribute to the community that you're a part of.

To see more detailed information on Athair's leadership structure, visit

Interested? The county of Athair is still seeking mayors or barons, but even more than that, we look forward to building an amazing little community within a community. Located in the Duchy of Cremoria, part of the Kingdom of Kairos, Athair is part of an already active group of people focused on having fun in not only Elyria but in other games as well.

Drop by our Discord. We're always happy to meet new people. If you're interested in joining, it's a simple matter of saying hello and finding out if we fit your personal Elyrian goals.

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