[Alesia] The Duchy of Rhyddid

As the armies of Xeilias retreated, leaving the last remnants of the once great empire bare and unprotected, the humble churches of the Children of Mann became welcome refuge for those who had lost everything. Those who had never had anything and now had even less. For those who were hurt or lost or grieving. The Children saw none of them as any different than a friend, while the newly formed kingdoms surrounding the last of the broken empire saw them as enemies. Disgraced, but still perhaps dangerous under the wrong sort of leadership, they refused trade with those left behind.

But the Children were different. With small groups scattered about Elyria, none yet larger than a dozen ever gathered in one place, they built their chapels and sent supplies from all over to help the needy people left behind by the Deranged King, at great risk to themselves, else they be seen as helping the enemy by those who were still sore from so long at war.

Leading the Children, Mother Khovaena soon became a recognized face of the broken empire. She began to pull more and more people towards her own church in Dileas, picking out people who once had been leaders in the rebellion and praising them for following their heart and what was right, granting them new leadership positions to help bring the growing city to its feet.

With Dileas prospering, Athair growing to be a beacon of light in times of uncertainty, the duchy of Rhyddid formed beneath the banner of Alesia, with new friends growing close and finding what it means to speak with one voice.

We are Rhyddid.

Welcome to Rhyddid. A haven for those who seek out culture, knowledge, peace, and prosperity. Focused on production and supporting the kingdom through agriculture, research, trade, and diplomacy, while also standing as an unwavering pillar of strength, reason, and community. Aiming to be an inner duchy, away from the borders, Rhyddid will be free to focus more on peaceful ambitions than the art of war; that does not mean, however, that the duchy will be left undefended. Alesia’s Royal Institute for War will be founded by one of its esteemed Counts. The alliance between the Mother and the Doglord will live on well beyond the War of the Throne. The Swords and Shields of Rhyddid will rise to become a gold standard of honor and strength, to be called upon by those in the kingdom who require their support.

Governed by the Children of Mann, Rhyddid is a religious duchy, intent on using the religious game mechanics to help promote stability and unity. Following the state religion will be encouraged, but not required.

About the Duchess

My name is NiHZ. I entered the Free Kingdom contest because I wanted to see if I could do it. I want to say that the campaigning I did during the contest was the most fun that I’ve ever had in a game that doesn’t exist yet.

I’ve been gaming for as long as I remember. I’m not a kid anymore (that’s what they keep telling me, anyway) and I’ve gathered a lot of experience and knowledge about how online communities are developed, maintained, and improved as well as how they devolve and grow stagnant. Chronicles of Elyria is my first venture into growing my own little group, rather than taking over an old one or coming into a moderating or administration role for an existing community.

During the campaign I learned a lot about myself and the other leaders in my new kingdom. I think that if we winning dukes can put aside our egos and come together as a whole, we can be the greatest kingdom in Elyria.

Politics and Foreign Affairs

My desire is to see Rhyddid as a place where everyone can be welcome. I still want to remain as neutral as I can while being a Duke. My loyalties will be to the crown, but my advice and opinions will always strive to be truthful and free of bias. Rhyddid falls closer to the socialist end of the political spectrum. Being an internal duchy will allow more spending to education, research, and social projects than those on the outer edge who need to funnel more resources into military and defense. We want to be able to pick up the slack where other duchies may be lacking and provide them with the things they need.

I look forward to open and beneficial trade between duchies and eventually between kingdoms. I hope to remain friendly with all of the kingdoms and people I have grown to know over these years of pre-game community building, because as I have always said in the campaign, many of our new leaders are coming from these other kingdoms. To ignore the strong bonds that connect the hearts of your people to lands left behind would be foolish. To not take advantage of that unique kingdom trait would be poor management.

Governing Style

Hands off; I want to give my counts the ability to grow into what they want to be. Serving as a guide and a resource for help, I want to lead by example rather than words. I will encourage every citizen in my duchy to try to play this game the way they want to, and provide them the opportunities and resources to do so to the best of my ability. To that end, Rhyddid will have a number of people readily available to its citizens to help them follow their dreams.

If you're interested, please feel free to join our Discord. We love meeting new people.

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The duchy’s governing system is split into four main disciplines led by four Thrones, advisors to the Duchess and leaders in their respective fields. As the community grows, these leaders of Rhyddid will fill out their own personal councils to help them complete their tasks.

Throne of Law -- Marquis Vetivier

Military. Law enforcement. Policy. These are the three main things things governed by the Throne of Law. For simplicity’s sake, law enforcement will be a branch of the duchy’s military. The job of the Throne of Law will be to standardize practices among the different counties of Rhyddid, ensuring that one regiment of soldiers or guards can easily transition between different regions and still be comfortable with following orders and procedures. In war, the Throne of Law serves as the duchy’s general.

Pre-Game Project: Identifying PVP centered players and engaging them in the community.

Throne of Knowledge -- OPEN

Research. Development. Schools. The Throne of Knowledge will be the leading figure for education in Rhyddid, and will coordinate research among schools and guilds, helping to focus the drive and enthusiasm of the duchy’s citizens towards whatever cause is deemed most important. By laying down the groundwork and standards for education and development, the Throne of Knowledge will help guide Rhyddid into the golden age of Elyria.

Pre-Game Project: Identifying schools and research guilds in and out of Rhyddid to establish a working relationship and coordinating with the kingdom’s R&D department.

Throne of The People -- Count Stalvind

Culture. Community. Guilds. The Throne of the People is responsible for making connections and learning about the world outside of Rhyddid to help others reach out to those in other duchies or kingdoms. A resource for guilds and associations, the Throne of the People will be able to help any citizen new or old to find the right path towards their goals. Diplomatic, and socially active, they have a finger on the pulse of Elyria, and they know who you need to speak to to get things done.

Pre-Game Project: Identifying guilds in and out of Alesia and establishing a working knowledge of who they are and what they do.

Throne of Economy -- Count Desdark

Trade. Production. Infrastructure. The Throne of Economy is trusted with the treasury. They are expected to understand the economic landscape of Elyria to help better facilitate trading. By monitoring growth and stagnation in Rhyddid’s settlements, they will be able to provide advice to the counts about how to zone their land for the highest returns. Much like the Throne of The People maintains a working relationship with the guilds of Elyria, the Throne of Economy will be expected to be familiar with and close to the trading organisations of the world in order to transport and barter efficiently.

Pre-Game Project: Identifying the other trade centers of Alesia and the rest of Elyria and establishing a working relationship to facilitate future trade.

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The Grand County of Athair is home of the capital of Rhyddid, Dileas, and home base of the Children of Mann. Focused on production of medicine, research, scribing, and diplomatics, Athair will be the center of politics and religion. Seeking mayors and barons, those interested in agriculture, as well as people who want to own and run shops and businesses in a peaceful county.

Count Ahriman Asmodai would like to welcome you to Baator County, located in the Dutchy of Rhyddid, Kingdom of Alésia. The main focus of the county will be a NPC breeding program in the hopes of producing beneficial hybrids. NPCs will be poked and prodded in other ways as well, so if you find the prospect of experimenting on your fellow Elyrians thrilling we have a place for you. Remember, NPCs don't have souls, so leave your guilt at home.

The goal of the Grand County of Cof Nefoedd is to be a labor and infrastructure hub focusing on NPC and land utilization; the construction both large infrastructure related projects like highways and later on canals, and large lore projects like necropoli and temples.

The aim of Decovale County is to be an intellectual hub, a place of learning for both the average farmer and the more skilled tradesman. Schools and libraries will be made open and available, as well as inns and taverns for the passing adventurer. Several merchant shops will help to sustain the wealth of the county, while providing goods from all across the kingdom.

The County of Deskrausser will have a Dual System: We will set up Trade Outposts to build a Economic Mesh (Disposal of Products - Income and Outcome). Our network of Trade Knights will secure the trade routes. We will have a Philosophy Academy (Scribing) of Politics and Economics, The Geist Society. We are high focused. Trade, Coins and Freedom.

The County of Egilium will be collecting resources and crafting what we can for the duchy with a focus on mining and blacksmithing. The plan as of now is to try to get an area near a moutain. From there we will work on collecting all the resources that moutain has to offer and possiblity use that moutain to build a city and/or a fortress in case the need arises. Naturally this is all subject to change once land selection is finished. Also, if anyone would want to set up a brewery here I would absoultly not be opposed to that.

The Marchioness of the Grand County of Heraldsmarch is looking for those interested in animal husbandry as well as those who seek out lore. The County’s goals are to field combat trained animals to bolster our armies as well as to seek out and collect lore to be housed at our Bardic College.

The County of Loire is focused primarily on creating a safe haven for roleplayers. Our secondary focuses will be aimed at economics, and religion. I also intend to establish a small county-funded group of heroes who will help with world events, and serve as an honor guard during wartime.

Lubri: From the Gaulish word lū- or luw- meaning 'to set free, escape' or 'to flow'. A special entity within the Duchy of Rhyddid. "My personal focus will be on Alchemy, Medicine, Bardic Arts, and Animal Husbandry if I have the time. I really want this county to be as diversified as possible so that it can grow. I want to create a place where people can be truly free, cared for, and protected. So come journey with me, and let's give redemption to those people who have wronged us."

The County of Lunalysium will dedicate itself to providing training to new players and tradesmen; specializing in providing adventurers with everything they need for their humble beginnings. We hope to hold small tournaments and contests between the varying cities ranging from melees to crafting contests; and to provide mini quests to help people begin their new lives.

Lunalysium is the county of rebirth and new beginnings. It will be a major project to make sure that there are all the resources for new players to begin their lives crafting, training, and adventuring. We are here to create the first adventure and help you gain some basic skills so you don't get found in a ditch. Also we will be holding competitions between to hamlets in a continuous training battle.

The County of Valroen will specialize Exploration and Equestrianism. It will be home to The Reclaimers, a mounted expeditionary unit that will scour the Elyrian wilds for unique and valuable resources. In wartime, The Reclaimers can be called upon as scouts, messengers, and light Cavalry. In times of peace Valroen will host racing and jousting tournaments. There will be high demand for breeders and trainers, as well as farmers, adventurers, cartographers, traders and warriors.

Home of the Thorn Institute for War. Looking for folks interested in conservation, education and/or law enforcement. Also seeking wainwrights, breeders,and folks interested in tavern keeping.

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Update: Marchioness Cheshire has stepped down from her role as the Throne of Law.

Marquis Vetivier has made a horizontal transition from Knowledge to Law.

Knowledge is now an open position, taking applicants.

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Things are bouncing in the world of Alésia. Rhyddid is fast becoming a stable place to call home!

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