The Bulwark Corps

Kingdom of Solaris

Duchy of Cremoria

County of Vesiryn

Grand walled city of Lysoria


The Bulwark Corps is a Mason Guild and School created in and operated primarily from the Duchy of Cremoria. Of the many guilds existing in Elyria, only two are sponsored by Cremoria as a whole: The Bulwark Corps and The Dread Legion. This shows the national dedication to this guild, as well as its importance within the infrastructure.

The Bulwark Corps purpose is to provide citizens an opportunity to both work as or hire a mason or defensive specialist, as well as to perform research and development focused around stonework. In Cremoria and perhaps all of Solaris, the Bulwark Corps shall reign supreme as your one stop shop for contracting of masonry and defensive needs. Nobles, aristocracy, and even those looking for the right mann for the job to take care of smaller scale needs in hamlets or fortresses alike.

Think of the Bulwark Corps as similar to the United States Army Corps of Engineers in that they are a skilled collection of people who invent and build while simultaneously serving purpose as a military minded group specializing in defense. The Bulwark Corps will construct and maintain defensive structures as well as progress in their research and development of even more efficient buildings and other inventions.

Positions and occupations you may find within the Bulwark Corps are Masons, Architects, or Mentor Teachers. The guild system itself is a work for hire group for outsiders and citizens alike, so there will be plenty of chance to show your skills throughout the land. Although the Bulwark Corps is open to satellite guild branches wherever, the research portion of the guild’s work will remain within Cremoria.

Are you a mason and/or architect looking to advance your trade? Do you long to build walls, forts, castles, ramparts, towers, and other defensive structures or foundations for homes across Elyria? Perhaps you want to construct things for the rest of your days within a strong network of fellow masons that can support you and help you get jobs. The Bulwark Corps Mason’s Guild has a place for you whether you are a novice or a master.

A benefit to working with the Mason’s Guild will be in the steady ability to secure contracts. If you are a Mason’s Guild member working out of Cremoria

Conversely to the concept of spending your days building, perhaps after a while of finessing your own skills, you may find you want to pass those on to other young and eager masons. Or, you simply want to advance the field by specializing in research and development of more complex structures Either the Corps itself or the School will afford you these opportunities. While the guild is open to anyone, the Bulwark Corps School, located in the settlement of Lysoria in the County of Vesiryn, is not. Only Cremorian citizens may attend the academy.

Are you interested in making a career in Elyria through building or defense? Perhaps you want to teach these skills to others. As long as you’re interested in some aspect of masonry and the betterment of this trade, the Bulwark Corps would be happy to have you.

Cyneric Torrin leads the Bulwark Corps Mason Guild and School as a whole, but is entirely open to other branches being opened up in other territories. If you are interested in being a Branch Manager, contact Cyneric. Responsibilities of Branch Managers include taking contracts, solving disputes, and running the day to day operations for their branch’s area.

Anyone can join the Bulwark Corps! Membership in the guild is not limited to Cremorian citizens.

Cyneric: Duke of Cremoria, Count of Vesiryn, Mayor of Lysoria, Master of the Masons

As a leader, Cyneric aims to use his ability to calculate success strategies to stoically lead his people to victory. Whether fighting against an empire or simply trying to advance the latest item on the research to-do list, Cyneric will do what is necessary to promote the growth and progress of whatever the Bulwark

Upon Duke Cyneric’s rise to power and the formation of the Duchy of Cremoria, he began to form a guild to protect his home and family legacy. The groundwork for this guild had been born out of Kurisio Torrin’s efforts in re-establishing Lysoria and expanding the territory of the County of Vesiryn. However, it would not be officially established until Cyneric’s rise to power in the modern day.

This guild would come to be known as the Bulwark Corps, a Mason’s Guild centered in his homeland and serving the lands surrounding. It was thanks to the efforts of the forerunners of this guild that Lysoria stands proudly as the grand walled city, a true pinnacle of the skill of the mason workers and architects that helped to found the guild.

Overtime, more and more branches of the Guild are being created throughout Cremoria and other lands. Many well known figures have come to the Bulwark Corps seeking their advanced skills as their School provides some of the best research and development on architecture that mannkind has seen.

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Where do I sign? I was worried I wouldn't find a group with an invested interest in being the arms manufacturing guild.

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Always looking for more great people to join our mason guild or our all encompassing research school.