[NA-E] Grand walled city of Lysoria

Kingdom of Solaris

Duchy of Cremoria

County of Vesiryn


If the County of Vesiryn is the heart of Cremoria, Lysoria is even closer to the core. The capital city and main hub of all of Cremoria, the great walled city of Lysoria will be the top destination within the duchy to visit either as a traveler or to settle for good.

As you approach Lysoria, it is an unmistakable site. A beautifully crafted fortress stands, safely tucked away beyond a towering wall. All within are safe in this settlement, protected from any onslaught that might attempt to penetrate its walls. The Duke himself leads from his seat within, watching over the people with a caring but keen eye, strategizing and overseeing the future of the Cremorian people.

Lysoria is home to the Cremorian cornerstone project, the Bulwark Corps Mason Guild and School. They house their main Mason Guild hub within Lysoria’s walls, in addition to being the only location for the Bulwark Corps School. The exclusive academy, which trains upcoming guild members in the necessary skills to be successful in their future endeavors, is available only to Cremorian citizens.

Lysoria is open to all kinds of people - producers, traders, adventurers, and so on. It will not be discriminating in terms of professions, thus it is most important that citizens do whatever will make them happy in game.

Capital of Cremoria

Lysoria is the home of Duke Cyneric Torrin and his capital city of Cremoria. The county of Vesiryn, and by relation, Lysoria, represents the heart of Cremoria, a place where all roads lead. In the same way, one might describe Cyneric as the heart of Cremoria, although he leads with logic and reason over emotion and sympathy.

Cyneric: Duke of Cremoria, Count of Vesiryn

As a leader, Cyneric aims to use his ability to calculate success strategies to stoically lead his people to victory. Whether fighting against an empire or simply trying to advance the latest item on the research to-do list, Cyneric will do what is necessary to promote the growth and progress of whatever Cremoria and Vesiryn aim to do. Cyneric maintains the wall of Lysoria as if he were protecting his dearest treasure for this land is his greatest love.

It does not matter to us who you are, where you come from, or what you do for a living. In Lysoria, all are welcome to settle down and call this great fortress their own.

We recruit for attitude over skill, which means we look for the following in all our of citizens:

  • Willingness to follow directions

  • Ability to handle constructive criticism

  • Willingness to learn and improve

  • Don’t be a jerk

If you feel you aren’t that skilled, but have the above traits, Cyneric is more than happy to mentor you as much as needed to help you improve your in game abilities. We would love to have you become an asset to our settlement and a boon to your fellow citizens.

Lysoria was originally founded in Year 541 by Vesir Torrin and his wife, Fyrsiryn Sharizi-Torrin. This land represented not only a will for freedom from oppression and corruption, but also a place of soul altering love and devotion. This land was held with pride even after Vesir and Fyrsiryn’s deaths during the famine in the late 580s, and on up to the beginnings of the war with Xeilias.

It was only after Aerdryth Torrin’s death in 669 that Lysoria fell to ruin. With little to no population left to maintain the land, it returned to the wilds, a home for the flora and fauna of the region instead of the settlers who had traveled so far and overcome so much to tame it. Years passed until Surycio Torrin, one of the ancestors of the Torrin who had remained in Xeilias all those years ago, discovered the history of the place and regained the title to the land.

However, Surycio would never get to stake his claim there. He, Lord Commander of Aelshore’s military in Xeilias, would die on the battlefield against the Rhyne Offensive, not too long after his son Resyor’s twenty-second birthday and appointment as Lieutenant General. Resyor at this point reconciled with the guilt his father never could over what their family had done in remaining with Xeilias and turned upon the empire as a defector.

Resyor stayed in his home County of Lokkarin until after the war with Xeilias had come to an end. The kingdom toppled, Resyor joined with Arthos. Unfortunately, King Delafonte was just as corrupt as the Xeilian Emperor had been. After Resyor was approached to assassinate someone on Delafonte’s behalf, he refused and was banished.

It was at this point that Resyor moved his people back to the lands of their long lost cousin Torrins, reclaiming Lysoria and beginning years of repairs. The lands were now held by the Duchy of Kallon, prior members of Arthos that ceded when Delafonte’s toxic reign began to take its toll. Here, Resyor and his subjects began the groundwork for the Bulwark Corps Mason Guild and School as well as began forming the grand wall that would protect the people who settled within.

Over the next several decades, Resyor’s son Kurisio expanded around Lysoria to build up the county of Vesiryn. Eventually, rumors reached him that the Duchess of Kallon was running a trafficking operation within the borders, which lead Kurisio to rally other nearby counts to help overthrow the rogue Duchess. This effort was alongside the new kingdom of Kairos, run by King Richfort.

In the end, King Richfort offered the lands of Kallon to Kurisio who claimed half of the grand duchy, offering the other to the Symond family. Since this time, the capital city of Lysoria has stood as the center of pride, hope, and strategy for the Duchy of Cremoria, held with dignity by the Torrin family.