[NA-E] County of Vesiryn

Kingdom of Solaris

Duchy of Cremoria


The Heart of Cremoria

Duke Cyneric Torrin’s County of Vesiryn will be a strategic point in Cremoria aimed at coordinating military, exploration, and intelligence efforts for the Duchy.

Research & Development

Vesiyrn is the heart of research and development in Cremoria, calling itself home for some of the most important establishments working towards the advancement of the whole. With Vesiryn as the outermost point, it seems appropriate that the Bulwark Corps houses their main guild hub within, in addition to being the only location for the Bulwark Corps School. The exclusive academy, which trains upcoming guild members in the necessary skills to be successful in their future endeavors, is available only to Cremorian citizens.

Defensive Strategy

In addition to the R&D aspects, Vesiryn specializes in defensive strategies for the Duchy at large. With Cyneric as Duke and Count, he helps ensure that all members of the duchy and county are prepared with the best military plans to be the Shield of Solaris. Finally, Vesiryn will provide a network for commerce as it sits as the central point for the duchy. Those wishing to engage in trade may travel to Vesiryn to find bustling marketplaces and unending opportunities to create contracts with those wishing to both buy and sell.

Cremorian Goals

Vesiryn supports the two major goals of Cremoria which are to: turn a love of player combat into profit and prestige as well as to maintain territory regardless of the odds.

Duchal County Seat

The County of Vesiryn is the home of Duke Cyneric Torrin. Vesiryn represents the heart of Cremoria, a place where all roads lead. In the same way, one might describe Cyneric as the heart of Cremoria, although he leads with logic and reason over emotion and sympathy.

Cyneric: Duke of Cremoria, Count of Vesiryn

As a leader, Cyneric aims to use ability to calculate success strategies to stoically lead his people to victory. Whether fighting against an empire or simply trying to advance the latest item on the research to-do list, Cyneric will do what is necessary to promote the growth and progress of whatever Cremoria and Vesiryn aim to do.

Seeking Citizens!

Vesiryn has already filled its need for mayors and barons, but is looking for citizens to fill those settlements and help expand their reach and prestige.


Vesiryn is home to the following Settlements:

The great walled city of Lysoria is the heart of Cremoria, it is here that the Bulwark Corp school and guild is housed behind the safety of its protective walls. Unlike the more military cities that make up Cremoria, Lysoria is focused on education, research and trade.

Canterbury is a safe haven for all law-abiding citizens. It is home to Mayor Zafír, founder of the Animal Husbandry Association & owner of Canterbury Stables. We contribute both economically and militarily given the settlement's focus in animal husbandry, archery, and cavalry in order to support our duchy's prosperity and safety. Canterbury encourages civic engagement via periodic elections.

Barony of Cai’Ral

The Barony of Cai’Ral is lead by the blood sons and daughters of the Mar but any adopted into the fighting force may call themselves Mar. They focus on developing and training cavalry and protecting the county at large. .

Behind the Name

Vesiryn is considered the heart of Cremoria, and it is perhaps ironic, therefore, that it is a land born out of love. Perhaps surprisingly given the history of war surrounding the region, Vesiryn owes its name not to a battle or some violent conqueror, but instead to the fated meeting of two souls whose names would be fused to honor the land they made: Vesir Torrin and Fyrsiryn Sharizi.

Fleeing Tyranny

As the story goes, over a hundred years before the great war against the Empire punctuated the landscape of the continent, a mann by the name of Vesir Torrin left his homeland in the Duchy of Aelshore. The kingdom of Xeilias at large, he felt, was far too tyrannical and dishonorable, wounding his sense of integrity at every turn. He wished to be freed from the increasingly oppressive atmosphere that seemed to be spreading its way throughout the Kingdom that had once provided naught but honor for his bloodline. As he landed in the new territory, he was greeted by a peaceful people, the Oakenroot, who took him in and allowed him to call their lands their temporary home. Unfortunately, Aelshore could not help but follow with their corrupt ways, seeking to expand their lands into the Oakenroot territory. So it was that the leader of the Oakenroot, OakHeart Seeress Fyrsiryn Sharizi, came to where Vesir Torrin was staying. In that first moment they laid eyes upon each other, they knew they were soulmates destined to remain together until their final days.

Establishing a New Land

In the years to come after avoiding war with Aelshore, Vesir and Fyrsiryn set out to establish a new land. After years of travel they settled in a place they named Lysoria, starting from a small settlement and eventually spreading out to a territory the size of most counties. They had grand visions of establishing a new duchy, but that was cut short when famine struck the land.

Death of the Lovers; Death of the Land

Old age and lack of food cut Vesir down. As he died, his love Fyrsiryn was too heartbroken to go on. Dosing herself with a cocktail of herbs for sleep and poison, she too drifted off never to awake laid next to her love. Their daughter Yrllika buried them side by side and continued on the legacy of the land until generations later their Sharizi cousins back in Fyrsiryn’s original homeland were attacked by the Xeilias Empire. Vesir and Fyrsiryn’s great great grandson Aerdryth Torrin rode out with the Lysorian forces and came upon Xeilias with a fury. Unfortunately, their forces were weak from generations of hard labor and recovering from the famine. They were wiped out.

Reclaiming the Legacy

Thus, Lysoria went mostly forgotten, but its legacy was not lost. The story of Lysoria had been recorded in many accounts from journals to letters, and Vesir had been in contact with his brother Keric long before his death. Thus, word of this ancestral territory passed down through the Torrin family that remained in Aelshore within Xeilias until Resyor Torrin was banished from the royal duchy in Arthos and decided to reclaim the family’s abandoned holdings. Resyor indeed reclaimed Lysoria, though it was little more than a dilapidated fort at that point. In the years to come, he raised his son Kurisio, a clever and curious lad, who discovered the story behind the lands. When his father died, Kurisio achieved what his father could not and gained more land, naming the county within the Duchy of Kallon Vesiryn after his far distant relatives and the story of their love he had been fortunate to read in recovered writings.

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